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Blood and Honor
Blood and Honor
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Fate is such a simple and complicated word. It is also the name of the most popular VRMMORPG. Do what you want, be what you want. Your fate is what you make of it.

Their is also wealth and power from Fate Online for those willing to take it and fight for it. For the people fighting from the bottom up, they are willing to do almost anything. Even kill or betray.

Note* Chapters will be released on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Note* I do not own the image. All rights and credit are owed to the original owner.
Note* Before anyone asks, or says anything, yes this is a rewrite of one of my creations from another site. It is listed as finished on RR, but it was my very first story and I have been wanting to rewrite it for some time. So here it is.

Clan Building Empires Gods Kingdom Building Male Protagonist Multiple POV Polygamy Sentient Objects Strategic Battles Strategist Sword And Magic Vampires
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