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/ Series / We Didn’t Ask To Be Here
We Didn’t Ask To Be Here
We Didn’t Ask To Be Here
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4.9 (43 ratings)
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A Demon Queen. A Hero. An inevitable clash.

When both die and find themselves in a world that is alien to them - but familiar to us - they have nobody to rely on but themselves. And maybe each other in this spin on the familiar Isekai genre.

This is a spin-off of "I Didn't Ask To Be The Demon Queen", focusing on the hero, Daniel, and the previous Demon Queen, Eliza, following largely the same story beats but with some changes to the characters.

The work this is based on isn't required reading, as the characters will be set up on their own within this story.

It's also written in a slightly different style, as this will be, largely, a queer romantic comedy.

ComedyDramaFantasyGender BenderIsekaiRomanceSlice of Life
Alternate World Calm Protagonist Clever Protagonist Enemies Become Allies Enemies Become Lovers Female to Male Former Hero Late Romance Magic Male to Female Modern Fantasy Multiple Transported Individuals Romantic Subplot Slow Romance Subtle Romance Transgender Transported into Another World
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    Status: chapter 29: dinner (with friends)

    So, this is my first review, and I'm not good at them in general, but I thought that this was an excellent series and deserved a glowing review, and I wanted to get my thoughts out while it was still fresh in my mind.

    Let's start with the writing itself. The English is great - never once spotted a grammar flaw - and the style is Pratchettesque, as a commenter noted. Pratchettesque is a style of writing that can be hard to describe and may be understood by being an avid reader of the works of Terry Pratchett - as a small Discworld fan, I act above my place and consider myself one. If you've read his works, you know what I mean. The author (Elamimax) has done a very good job in the style - there are times when I felt like I was indeed reading a Pratchett novel. I don't think it was as suitable for binging as Pratchett himself was for me was when I first sat down with a set of Discworld novels, - for We Didn't Ask, I didn't have that experience of thinking, 'Wait, why is it past midnight?!' - and there are points where the style felt like it was faltering a bit, but overall 'twas great and I really enjoyed it.

    Next point - I guess I'll talk about characters. It's focused around our co-protagonists, Daniel and Eliza, with perhaps a bit more focus on Daniel (I may feel like that mostly because I want more Eliza though). We've got some very nicely well-written side-characters coming up as well, but the main focus is on this duo and their relationship. It - is - fantastic. I love their characters, who can be quite adorable at some times and deserve hugs at others, and I love their interactions and how their relationship develops. I don't have much else to say about it except that you get attached to the characters in a good way.


    I call her 'Eliza' because I feel like calling her 'Lisa' might be a spoiler, so.


    A brief discursus on plot. I think I'll spoiler my discussion in full just in case, but suffice to say I like it as well.


    It has its ups and downs, as all good stories must have, and they are worked splendidly. To comment on one in particular, the major 'Down', in a chapter which can be guessed by its name, is a satisfying gut-punch because it broke what you had been reading as the gears of the characters slowly trundling into a good rhythm - suddenly, our characters were put on the back foot and you hadn't even realized how much you were enjoying them building themselves up and how at-risk they still were. It was sad and made me want to cry, but it didn't make me angry at the story - it was a good twist/gut-punch. Perhaps I focused too much on that, but anyway - in general, I would say full marks.


    Now, this story starts as a spin-off to I Didn't Ask To Be The Demon Queen - but I don't think Demon Queen is required reading, as someone who read it a while ago. We Didn't Ask To Be Here is an excellent novel which works well on its own merits and is grounded in itself.

    If I were to recommend this series to anyone, I would start by drawing to it the eyes of romance readers looking for something well-written and engaging, and follow it up by pointing anyone who wants to see folk overcome that horrible mess which is gender dysphoria. Not sure I would recommend to isekai die-hards, but that's because isekai die-hards might expect a whole bunch of tropes and such which this (reverse-) isekai doesn't bring, need, or want.

    In all, I hope this reads as a glowing review in general because I absolutely loved it and think it's very very good.

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    Status: chapter 29: dinner (with friends)

    A total must-read for every Demon Queen fan. The story is so cute and adorable and full of squee and meta humor with many ironic takes on literature tropes and a kind of humor that Douglas Adams fans will appreciate.

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