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/ Series / The Duke’s Daughter
The Duke’s Daughter
The Duke’s Daughter
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It was in the cold of one winter evening...

A chance encounter entwined by fate between an abandoned orphan and a certain duke. It was then, out of resemblance, that the duke willingly decided to adopt her.

She, who wished for a way to live, consented out of the necessity to survive.

Thus, from then on, she became a duke's daughter.

Disclaimer: Even if the story may seem light-hearted, it is not. Please do continue to read with caution.

DramaPsychologicalRomanceSlice of LifeTragedy
Age Progression Aristocracy Charming Protagonist Child Abuse Child Protagonist Cute Protagonist Death of Loved Ones Doting Parents European Ambience Family Female Protagonist Heartwarming Nobles Overprotective Siblings Past Trauma Suicides Tragic Past
  1. PrologueJan 12, 2021
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