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/ Series / I Didn’t Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!
I Didn’t Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!
I Didn’t Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!
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Reinst Carnatia Grabberton
MC's name in her first life (before reincarnation).

First daughter of Duke Grabberton, born from the wife with a nobler position.

She was raised to be a queen in the future.
Herbert Secht Grabberton
The current head of Grabberton family, a duchal family that governs the West area of Riviera country.
Dahlia van Petersburg
Duke Grabberton's second wife, holds a higher position than the first wife.

Reinst and Domi's biological mother.
Kania Lowee
Duke Grabberton's first wife, but with lower position. Biological mother of Clyde.
Clyde Horace Grabberton
Duke Grabberton's first son, born from the first wife of lower position, Kania.

Same age as Reinst.
Dominick Robin Grabberton
Reinst's little brother of the same mother and father. The heir of the Grabberton family.

He was born when Reinst was 9 years old.
Alrescha Lyra Hartmann
MC's name after her reincarnation.

Daughter of the Duke of Hartmann.
Icarus Valkyane Hartmann
The current Duke of Hartmann (East Riviera). Lyra (MC)'s father. Nicknamed as "Cyan".
Cassiophelia de la Sanctuaria
Wife of the current Duke of Hartmann, Lyra and Altaire's mother. Nicknamed "Cassie" to close ones and "Ophelia" to others.
Altaire Ophiuscus Hartmann
The first child and the only son of the current Duke of Hartmann, Lyra's big brother (3 years older).
Beastman race, silver wolf tribe. Works as a maid at the current Duke of Hartmann's house.
Niina's son, Altaire's best friend and aide.
A young Royal Magician, Cassie's subordinate.
Shaula Schafer
The current queen of Riviera. Luca and Leticia's mother.
Lucius Aideen seo Navarrete
Nicknamed Luca. The first prince and the crown prince. He's around the same age as Lyra. He is somehow way more mature than his age...?!
One of the Royal Spies, Dad's friend, of a dwarf's bloodline.
One of the Royal Spies, Dad's friend. Has a beautiful appearance that people often mistake his gender.

A green-haired girl of an elven descent that Lyra encountered during her vacation to Chinosato town. She lives together with her sickly mother and a father of a mixed elven descent. Her mother owns a flower shop, while her father works as a soldier. She has an emerald eyes and a notable beautiful voice. 


Miss Trouble or Trouble-neechan who attacked Lyra and Altaire during their vacation in Chinosato. Notable for her madness and lightning magic affinity. Her life was saved by her master--a young boy with neon yellow eyes and red hair that resembles dried blood. 

Elise Elandia

The youngest daughter of Elandia main family. She is 2 years older than Lyra and enrolls in Harmonia Academy as well. Nicknamed 'El-El' by her friends.

Phillip Elandia

The 'mastermind' behind the Hartmann family's assault in Chinosato town, a member of the Elandia branch family. Died horribly in prison cell during questioning. 

Raphael Elandia

The head of the Elandia family. Elise's father.


Cyan's beloved mother who died of an illness when Cyan was young. She had a galaxy blue hair that Lyra and Altaire inherited. Her eyes were also blue. Cyan noted that Lyra resembled Firis. 

Leticia Dorothea seo Navarrete

Luca's little sister, 4 years younger than Luca. Her eyes are green and her hair is red, just like her big brother. The pampered and likable princess.

Kiri Elsworth

Luca's close aide and the future royal knight. He's an adopted son of the current head of the royal knights who didn't have any son. Possesses yellow eyes and messy dark green hair. He is quite timid. 


Cassie's Familiar, a phoenix that usually resides within the royal castle's treasury room, guarding all the items inside. 

Cheryll Nicole Loera

Reinst's 'self-proclaimed' best friend and might have been her only friend. Nicole enrolled in the same school as Reinst and Clyde--and she ended up marrying Clyde. She is the sole heir of the Loera main family.


A member of the royal spies. She's quite close with Rupert and Gale. She doesn't have an innate ability to do transformation or illusion magic, but she's an aspiring master of disguise through her own ways. 

Iris Sorreil

A timid girl that Lyra befriended during her entrance exams. She enrolled to the same class as Lyra, much to their delight. Iris has grey eyes and grey hair. She is the Sorreil family's illegitimate daughter who grew up as a commoner with her commoner mother prior to her mother's passing. She doesn't seem to be favored by the Sorreil family that much as they left her alone in Harmonia Academy's boarding house. Aspires to be an alchemist. She has a close childhood friend: Harvey. 


A blacksmith's son who enrolled to the same class as Altaire. He's quite protective of his long lost childhood friend, Iris. 

Titus Rou seo Navarrete

The current king of Riviera country. He's close to Cyan as the two of them worked together in punishing the previous generation of the Hartmann family. In a love marriage with Shaula Schafer. 

Physical features: brown hair and green eyes.

Crbnklr Azcc-Tnerre Tkmkzch (Carbuncle)

The dragon girl who came all the way from the Dragon's Heritage (a continent where dragons live) just because she's fascinated and curious with non-Draconis (non-dragon races). She's a strong electric magic user with electric eyes and bright marigold long hair. When she's in her half-dragon mode, her long tail, wings, and dragon horns are exposed along with a dazzling red gemstone on her forehead and some faint red marks on her cheeks. She looks like a 11-12 year-old girl but her real age seems to have reached past a century already...

She decided to stay in Harmonia Academy after finding out about Altaire and Lyra who she sensed a dragon bloodline from. She lives in the same dormitory room as Iris.

Reinell Fyunez Kronychle Loera

Nicknamed "Ein" or "Eine"--the only son of Loera main family, or in other words, Clyde and Nicole's only son. He inherits the Loera family's [Oracle] quite strongly and is a bright kid who's quite competitive. 

A country governed mainly by humans.
East Riviera
The area under the governance of Hartmann ducal family.
West Riviera
The area under the governance of Grabberton ducal family.
Chinosato town
A town located in an island in the East, the Estrada Island. It is a frontier/border region, bordering Riviera country with Naraka--Oni's territory.

The world's name or the equal word for the Earth.


The territory governed by the Oni. Other major race living there would be the beastmen. Located east from the Riviera.


Territory governed by the Elves. Other major race found here is the Dwarf. Located west to the Riviera.

Special abilities that one might have. It could be an inherited ability through bloodline, and the power varies. The royal family and the four ducal houses of Riviera are known to have an inherited Oracle.
Time Unit

In Sphaela, 1 year = 12 months, with 1 month = 5 weeks, 1 week = 7 days. In other words, a year in Sphaela is 420 days long.


The royal family's [Oracle]. The inheritance is random and the power may vary. Holders of this Oracle will have an increased rate of maturity and wisdom. Normally, strongest Insight holder will be appointed as the next ruler. 

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      Status: chapter 51 – an unexpected storm
      Apr 12, 2019

      This story is really good!

      I think this is a well balanced story, there's some heartwarming scenes, sad part, ofcourse some conflicts, name it! That's why it's not boring.

       Idk what to say anymore, this is just one of my favorite!

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c86
      Sep 5, 2019

      I loved this story, it's super cool to read, I recommend it to everyone who wants something new to read.

      Read More

      0 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 72 – my [nephew]’s sixth birthday
      Jul 7, 2019

      Cute and well written.

      Definitely one of the better stories on this platform. I hope that Lyra gets more character development past her obsession with her former family though I understand the process will take time.

      My biggest annoyance with the story is that the Isekai genre doesn't apply to this story. Isekai translate to "another world" but she is reincarnated into the same world only 7 years later.

      Read More

      0 Likes · Like Permalink
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