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Power (Fan)tasy
Power (Fan)tasy
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Michael McCall is a massive loser. The kind of dateless, pimple-faced dork who reads isekai stories on But then one day, the greatest thing possible happens: Michael dies in a fire and reincarnates in the fantastical world of Gaia! Twin gambler goddesses have set up a game of the most dangerous kind: six summoned heroes are tasked with hunting down six relics. The first to gather them all wins the ultimate prize, while the others will be "cast away." Each of these six heroes recieves an incredibly powerful magical weapon...

Well, five of them did at least. Cause Michael got a fucking fan.

Written as part of the Generic Isekai Collaboration Project by minacia. Come on, join the party!

Other stories set in Gaia:

Antihero Protagonist Average-looking Protagonist Battle Competition Clever Protagonist Fantasy World Strategic Battles Unique Weapon User
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