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/ Series / The Reincarnated Vampire Just Wants To Enjoy Her New Life
The Reincarnated Vampire Just Wants To Enjoy Her New Life
The Reincarnated Vampire Just Wants To Enjoy Her New Life
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4.4 (547 ratings)
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When my curiosity got the better of me in the afterlife, I ended up reincarnating with several things I wasn't supposed to have, like my memories. But I got a second chance at life, and I wasn't going to waste it. Making a nice home in a dungeon, adopting an abandoned girl as my little sister, for someone who died alone, poor, and full of stress, I had everything I wanted and all the stuff I hated were gone.

But while my back was turned, immigrants and refuges?! Land management and negotiations?! Why are you making a country in my backyard?! And everyone wants me to be the leader?! And while I desperately tried to get peace and happiness to my new life, now someone wants my admin powers?!

ActionAdventureComedyDramaFantasyGender BenderIsekaiLitRPGSupernatural
Alternate World Appearance Different from Actual Age Beautiful Female Lead Cute Children Demi-Humans Dungeons Fantasy World Female Protagonist Game Elements Introverted Protagonist Level System Magic Male to Female Modern Knowledge Non-human Protagonist Overpowered Protagonist Programmer Reincarnated into a Game World Reincarnated into Another World Seeing Things Other Humans Can't Skill Creation Spirits Strong to Stronger System Administrator Vampires
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      New Asami_Shirogane
      Status: chapter 101 – bald?
      Jul 4, 2020

      I absolutely love the interactions our main girl Scarlet has with the world around her throughout this series. The does a wonderful job of eliciting out various emotions with the reader ranging from fluffy moments that Scarlet has with the cast to her lowest breaking points within the series.  It all corresponds together and makes up the complicated being that is Scarlet for who she is.  However, with all honest praise comes honest criticism.  I feel like there are certain arcs within this series that feel a little drawn out.  Also, sometimes the MC's mood swings feel a little odd at times.  But overall, I am wholeheartedly enjoying this series since I am fascinated by some of the world building and buildup that you hopefully have in store for us.  

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      New Shirabe
      Status: chapter 106 – hungover fairies
      Jun 13, 2020

      the arcs get better, so q00u review is way out of date, just simply get past the ch 34 arc and it gets back to the amazing story it is eventually


      Alica comes back, a tough battle occurs for Scarlet (the person she fights is like a high level boss), it seems like nation building has started not too sure yet


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      Status: chapter 48.5 – how and why of...
      Aug 9, 2019

      Ignoring the many many grammatical/spelling/punctuation and other mechanical errors (it's != its), the story starts with AMAZING POTENTIAL.

      And then chapter 34 happens.

      It's bad. It retroactively ruins previously good chapters. It makes the time spent reading previous chapters feel wasted.

      And it hasn't recovered. 
      There's a reason no chapter since then appears in the Top Favorites statistics.

      It's not just that the previously OP MC becomes a doormat (now even killing Goblins, fantasy-worlds' cockroaches, is bad?!), everyone also comes down with a case of the Stupids. The MC talks about how their actions might have unintended life-ruining side effects, and they should try to think things through more... then immediately starts enacting a plan that might have unintended life-ruining side effects.

      And the cartoonishly evil villain... 


      is ignored and ignored until the problem couldn't be ignored anymore, and then taken out anticlimactically in like two sentences. Where did the clever protagonist go? Were the early chapters a lie? Better hide near the body so you can give a first-hand account of what happened? Why be associated with it at all? Why act so suspicious with the butler? Do you WANT to be caught? Why not just say you were picked up your first day in town, so there's no home for you to be escorted back to? Also, why is the butler so STUPID? Hey, maybe check her ID? Hey, maybe it's suspicious if she doesn't HAVE ID? HEY, remember those devices at the Adventurer's guild that correlate a person's identification with their UNIQUE MANA SIGNATURE? HEY MAYBE DON'T LET THIS ALLEGED EYE-WITNESS JUST WALK OFF UNTIL YOU'VE AT LEAST VERIFIED HER IDENTITY?? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.


      The author can write whatever story they want. It's THEIR story. I'm just frustrated that the story we're getting now is NOT the story we were previously going to get. You want a yuri vampire story about post-traumatic stress disorder? Great. I wanted a story about a programmer using their Admin access to stomp all the evil in the world. We're just different in that way.

      I powered through the awful first city arc, but it didn't really get much better. Will it ever? I don't know.

      Also, some negative reviews have been removed, so be aware there are more complaints than you are currently allowed to see.

      TL;DR: Read at your own risk, and don't be fooled by the excellent beginning.

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      19 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 30
      Jun 1, 2019

      I have to say, I am liking every single thing about this series. I think we have a serious candidate for the unmitigated #1 series on this site on it's own sheer merit, unmarred by the mitigating factors of high chapter counts or multiple short chapter posts per day we see from the other top-list series.

      This real gem has been on the top-list almost ever since it was first posted, and has an average chapter length of 4, 000 words, and chapter count is still below 50. It got here by nothing more or less than pure quality writing.

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      11 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c54
      Jan 26, 2020

      I've as of yet read up to chapter 54 in this story which I think is enough to formulate a fair opinion on it. I don't usually write reviews but this story is a really intriguing one so I really felt the need to. The reason as to why is because I feel that this story is so incredibly close to being really good but falls just short due to some major issues so this review isn't really meant for potential readers as much as just feedback for the author since I truly feel they have a lot of potential. That being said, spoilers ahead so if you haven't read it yet I suggest you stop reading this review and read the story because it is very interesting despite its flaws. If you've dropped it or have already read through all of it, then hop aboard!

      Grammar - There isn't really much to talk about here, the grammar is good with the occasional spelling error or grammatical mistake here and there. Nothing that really detracts from the experience from the novel.

      World - Now here is where I feel a large portion of the potential lies. The author has managed to create a world that while not being original feels very real, it could use some more description to really flesh it out but they have succeeded brilliantly in creating a medieval world that actually feels medieval. Now that might not sound like much but most novels I read that take place during the medieval times or a world with similar technology have a lot of modern beliefs thrown into them, meaning the inhabitants as well as the world itself kind of works as it would were it to exist in present time. But this, this right here is the good stuff the working class are just as helpless and desperate as they should be while the upper class are just as asshole-y as you'd imagine. The world feels very harsh which is really established in chapter 23 and gets even better onwards. 

      Plot - This is the most conflicting point in this entire review, it's almost hard to believe that all of this novel was written by the same person, that's just how much it varies. It starts off really strong with the main character dying and basically skipping the queue in limbo and sneakily reincarnates himself how he likes. Okay, this is really interesting as it sets up a crapload of possibilities for the story. What are the gods gonna do? Is he going to be hunted down? Do all the different doors lead to different worlds? Can they like hop between dimensions, is that going to be relevant? Super intriguing start, A+ really liked it.

      Then comes the part right after reincarnating which is equally strong. The dungeon is really cool and this is where Scarlet is at her best as a character. In the beginning she's cautious, careful not to be overzealous and she realizes her own naivety when getting hit by the suns rays for the first time. She feels extremely human and this gives a really good base to build her character upon. I especially liked the part where she gets to the insect and skeleton floors and just goes into a frenzy because she's so desperate for food. This part is simply oozing with the despair and hopelessness the author is oh so good at portraying. Sadly it's at this point that it kinda takes a nosedive.

      The point where Scarlet discovers she can teleport between floors is also the part where she starts just becoming overpowered to the point that she feels no urgency towards anything. I have almost never witnessed a story that had me at the edge of my seat the entire time just lose all its stakes that fast. The writing kinda takes on a more relaxed tone and you never once feel like Scarlet is truly in danger. You never once feel those incredibly high kill or be killed stakes that made the first part so incredible as she kinda just breezes through the rest of the dungeon until floor 87. What makes it worse is that this part is way, WAY longer than it should be. Most of this time is spent on filler explaining skills for paragraphs upon paragraphs that I didn't really care about. Since she already became overpowered at this point I didn't care about all her extra skills making her just that extra bit overpowered, I know she's just gonna beat the sh*t out of everything anyways so why even bother reading all this about her skills.

      After this she meets up with Alicia and the story is suddenly good again. It's still very non-serious but the content within the context of the story this time supports the less serious attitude as she's just kind of fooling around with Alicia. And then the plot twist hits like a truck. It's a complete 180 from what you think is gonna happen even with all the setup it got and it's really well done. Seriously great job on this part, it sets up the story and the main characters motivation super well.

      Now there's just one more thing I want to mention about the story. There are these sections in chapters where Scarlet is trying to figure out the system in order to create a body for Alicia, and personally I found these exceptionally boring as they're pretty long winded and 90% of them don't actually lead to any substantial discovery. It feels like pointless filler that just takes up space without actually contributing anything to the story. Bringing back Alicia is Scarlets main goal in the story, instead of it being possible to bring her back with normal mumbo jumbo magic, make it so that she needs to collect some artifact or something in order to revive her. Really test Scarlets spirit and devotion to Alicia, have her go through intense trials and overcome them all for the sake of reuniting with her sister. And if you really want to include the programming bits, have the artifact be in some admin-only room or something that she has to figure out how to get into, just something to make her go on a journey with a clear goal, she wants to see her sister again, the first person she ever met in this world and the one who saved her from solidarity. Not go on a journey because of no real reason and try to save Alicia as a side project when the others are sleeping.

      Characters - Now this is kind of where the huge problems begin, in fact I would say the characters are the absolute weakest part of this novel. Now I'm about to sound very critical here but just to be clear I don't blame anybody, especially not new writers for not writing amazing characters right off the bat, cause writing three-dimensional, nuanced characters is freaking hard. 

      I will begin with the side characters as they're much easier to identify the problem with. The main problem is that there are basically only two character archetypes in this novel, and these two archetypes play into the problems with the main character. These two archetypes are 1. Cute girl who really REALLY likes the main character in a non-s*xual way, or 2. Characters who either s*xually, romantically or both constantly drool over the main character, or if not they just gawk at how beautiful she is.

      The best of the side characters is Alicia, who at least gets some sort of personality trait in that she's very mature for her age and because she's the first one to inhibit archetype number 1 you haven't grown a resistance to them yet. Then when the city arc hits she's kinda replaced by Flix who has absolutely zero personality other than being part of archetype number 1. She's later replaced by Claret who's basically also the same, only difference being that she knew the previous reincarnation of the main character and can therefore spout a bunch of exposition. 

      Then comes character archetype number 2, which basically all the other characters that I didn't mention in the previous section fall into. Now that is a bit harsh, there are some exceptions like the receptionist lady, Machoman McStrongear and the other girl whose name I can't currently remember (I think it was Mary?). Who I actually ended up kinda liking, they felt very refreshing. But for every character like them there are like 3 others who just gush over how beautiful the main character is. The noble guy, the 2 other guys hitting on her on the street, the cat dude, Philia etc. Though Philia is kind of developed more? She got like half a chapter from her perspective where she talked about never having fallen in love before but in the end  she mostly just talks about how pretty Scarlet is. Other than that her character is meant to be like a sort of mother figure to Scarlet. She constantly gives her a bunch of advice which doesn't really come into play other than the fact that she decides not to morph her face with the slime ability she got. If she just got a little more time to develop and we got to know more about her, like her motivations, goals and why she is the way she is she had the potential to be a really strong character and that way we, the readers would be just as sad as Scarlet when parting with her. This is a running issue with all the major side characters, we just don't know them enough to really care that much about them aside from Alicia.

      Now onto the main character. You probably noticed something from the two mentioned character archetypes above. And that is that none of them includes thinking badly of the main character. And that is because the main character is really really plain. She absolutely has the potential to evolve and become a really strong character but she's just not really there yet. This whole thing with the protagonist not having any antagonist and everybody just automatically loving her gets old really quickly. The main form of "conflict" if you can even call it that is the main character trying to accept who she is because she hates herself so much and feels guilty about everything even when doing good things, something the novel describes as kindness but what really just feels like a weird form of naive self indulgence. Now everyone in the other reviews seem to be complaining about chapter 34 and how she's afraid of other people when she gets to the city. Now while I don't think this was very well established I see no issue with having her be this way and later on trying to overcome it with the help of Philia. In fact I thought this was a really cool plot point that has a lot of potential, the problem is the payoff as there really isn't any. Scarlet just straight up axes the guy and then she's just completely fine afterward and has no problems with people or at least significantly less after. This was a perfect time to have her character go through an evolution, have her work hard to achieve what she wants, have her fight tooth and nail, crawling on the ground, struggling to move forward as she tries to get over her personal issues. That's what makes an intriguing character arc, that's what make people connect to a character. Actually why not throw Philia into the mix too. Have her getting to know Scarlet better in order to try and help her with her mental issues and support her in her fight against herself, then she could go through an arc as well and both her and her relation to Scarlet could become stronger. 

      Conclusion - This novel really has the potential to be fantastic. This author absolutely has the potential to write amazing stories with just a bit more practice, I hope you don't take my critisism too harshly as the only reason I'm writing this is because I believe in you and your work and that you can become truly great, I hope I could inspire you with something or if you think my advice is terrible that's completely fine too as I don't even write stories myself, I'm just an avid reader. I will be looking forward to more from you in the future, thank you for the great time I had reading! :)

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      7 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: Chapter 42
      May 15, 2019

      (Update: So... 13 Chapters of filler content that is poorly thought out have turned our MC into a limp noodle as far as her thought processes go. She can literally face down monsters, but her weakest potential food source of the male kind scares her. She doesn't want to cause trouble by helping the orphanage too much, but does something that will potentially get them all killed anyway because it is a possible source of even greater revenue than just giving them gold (seriously, the formulae to a luxury item that normally only a specialist would be able to make is not something you hand off to people who can't protect themselves unless it's a world that already protects such people), and finally she seems to be stuck in passive mode despite finally getting out of her cave.)

      I've been pretty sick lately, and unable to concentrate on things due to pain. That said, this story is a punch in the feels thus far. I'm liking where this is going, and hope to be able to read more in the future.

      Grammar: 4/5 (There are a few problems with idioms using improper wording, but other than that it hold a nice consistency)

      Writing: 5/5 (Great wordflow, pacing, and world building)

      Story: 4/5 (I've never seen this take on reincarnation, nor the way that the character doesn't seem to be instantly OP thanks to some very OP abilities. It's a learning experience that the readers get to ride along for instead of an info dump and instant gratification)

      Overall, definitely a story I would recommend to others.

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      5 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c39
      Feb 8, 2020

      I was honestly very invested in this story. The beginning up till before the character started running into other people was really interesting. Unfortunately, the MC is a weak character who apparently has never once interacted with a single person in their life or previous life as they turn into a worse than an introvert fool who lets anyone do anything to her because she goes brain dead. With the numerous interactions the MC has had, you would think that at least there would be a tinge of intellect in the character but nope, it does not exist.

      Characters are all 2D and honestly not very interesting to remember, only character worth remembering a bit was Alicia though, I got very uncomfortable reading through some of the interactions as it was almost on the level of a pedo. She's 6 by the way.

      Another issue is that I cannot decide if this is a slice-of-life or not. It definitely switches to that genre a lot. The only reason a lot of the chapters are long is because there is so much unnecessary details put into the story. I started skipping through the latest chapters as it just got very boring, that and realising the MC is not developed at all.I don't have any complaints about the grammar, its OK.

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      4 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c18
      Apr 26, 2019

      I finished getting caught up, And I am for the most part in love with the story and how it's progressing. I initially read this thinking it'd be an awkward and badly paced fantasy story like you tend to see. Within the first chapter, I was in love with how the MC was acting in the reincarnation section 

      The MC going through Dungeon floors is probably my favorite or second favorite part of the story. I like this worlds version of Vampires where Blood Sucking lets you get skills from the victim. The Sun is actually a deadly existence. You might be thinking " What do you mean deadly existence? That's one of the most notable things of Vampires!" Just about all the stories I've read with Vampires in them will not have things that make Vampires iconic. We haven't seen the MC react to Garlic yet though.

      I do like the when the MC comes out of the Dungeon for the first time and makes friends with the Fuzzballs. This is probably contender for my favorite thing. I do wish we got more of the MC starting to explore the world slowly by slowly.

      I think this story will excel in places that aren't full of people. So large cities and countries wouldn't be ideal. I think the MC tending to stay more in places like the Dungeon that she made her own kingdom! That and also Small villages. I also think it'd be good if the MC doesn't go and get massively famous for much longer at least. I think it'd be best if she was thought to be a regular girl. Lastly, I am hoping the MC gets a little Kingdom creator on us and start's making a Kingdom in the dungeon or have her start taxing anyone trying to enter and it eventually just becomes known that she owns this dungeon.

      I do enjoy the story and am wanting this to get a lot more attention soon. 

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      4 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 85 – intrusion and attempted repulsion
      Mar 14, 2020

      I'd like to give this 4.5 stars but sadly it's not possible on scribble hub.

      Don't get me wrong it's a damn good read, superior to 90%+ of everything on scribble hub but it does have problems, but they're not the problems the other reviews complain about. If anything most of the reviews that complain about the MC just demonstrate they don't understand that type of person. He's an aimless person, that doesn't like dealing with people and isn't particularly good at it who suddenly finds themselves with godlike levels of power.  So you get a Billy Jack type of character who lets a lot of s**t slip off of him but explodes like a bomb when pushed to far.  For the most part it's a pretty believable type.  So not really a problem, as you can see the reasoning behind most of the choices he makes even if you might not agree with it. 

      There are much bigger problems though that at this point seem to be getting bigger.  The author does seem to have a problem framing things so the plot goes the way he wants it to. 


      Early on, you have a situation where the MC ignores an obvious problem till it's far too late so it can be a major focus of the story. He's from Earth and there is no way he could possibly ignore it unless he was raised under a rock


      There's also quite few instances where the MC has the tools to easily solve problems but ditches them to come up with convoluted and self defeating ways to solve the problem. Call it "Isekai Protagonist Syndrome".


      At another point he kills someone and then comes up with the weakest and most useless idea of how to conceal the crime imaginable. In another he goes to absurd length to conceal who is actually selling soap when it would be child's play to penetrate the deception.  Then there is the whole isekai Soap/Mayonaise trope raising its head


      The final problem is the "Just where is this thing going affliction for web novels". The chapters in this novel are loooong and that's a good thing, but you have to bare in mind this novel is the equivalent of your typical 300-400 chapter novel. Like most of those novels this one seems to be wandering off into the land of "Who Cares" and it's neighbor "Where the hell did that come from". At the current chapter it's devolving into descriptions of using magic to make things, how to cook foods, how to sew and overly long descriptions of travel. Once or twice to establish the process is interesting. More ? Not so much. 

      The last of the middle of the novel problems is, rapidly introducing characters, giving them a good deal of focus, just to ditch them 

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 42 – female companionship
      Jul 15, 2019

      Edit: I want to give this a five star but can't. Tried editting and rating five star and I remember putting five stars before hitting the sumbit button. Ehh, but yea, this is worth those high ratings.

      In my never-ending quest for novels to read, I have found another gem! Yes! This one! 

      Admittedly, while I've seen this novel amongst Scribble Hub recommendation at Novel Updates, I was reluctant to touch it. Half because I may end up disappointed, half because the chapters were around twenty or so. Also, because when I pick something to read, I'll end up binge reading it till the end or until the latest updates; unless something irked me and kill my interest. Not this one! 

      Not disappointed I am not, but rather, I am thirsting for more! And it's good to know the author updates this around twice a week or so! Or damn, I'll be seriously suffering from withdrawal! The story is great and its flow. The action scenes are written so great, flowing with juices as I sink my teeth into each one. I love the growing of our main protagonist. Not only in terms of levels, stats, and skills but how he (or rather now, she,) grows as a person. 

      There may be a Gender Bender Tag and it is done well with a taste of humor and anxiety out of what challenges our vampire protagonist has to face due to her choices while reincarnating. Scarlet doesn't fight the changes but accepts them overtime and finding answers to her personal dilemmas. The character build up is fantastic, actions are done with explanation and not something so artificial that gives a sense of subtle wrongness. I cannot make a detailed commentary with the world building yet but I do love what I've seen so far. And truly, I wish to see more of this new world Scarlet is and confronts the obstacles on her way. So, to the author, Ninetailed_Furball, please keep up the great work! 


      Also, love the sweet, sweet Lily (read: Yuri) scenes


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