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The Harvester
The Harvester
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4.6 (164 ratings)
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Rakna was not normal. No, unmistakably not. Whether it was his appearance, his personality, his abilities, his identity, nothing about him had ever been banal. Was it his choice? No. He was merely but a tormented soul doing its utmost to live the life it had learned to never enjoy.

Would being picked by a glorified universal abductor calling itself a system bring something out of him? Would he finally learn to breathe in the pool of blood that suffocated him?

The Harvester does not sow, he only collects. All he has ever known to feel was loss and the only thing he can do is take. He will devour their hearts and drink their blood if it is what it takes.


Updates are daily (except Sunday) at 9pm; standard universal time.

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Ability Steal Artificial Intelligence Level System Non-human Protagonist Werebeasts
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      New DragonOnTheHill
      Status: 147. plateau zero

      It was alright for awhile, but it's locked into a power fantasy fulfillment kinda territory. The main character kinda just never struggles and is always played off as the deadliest dude. Very little engagement. He's nuked things, killed beings that are millenia old, and is the marty stu werewolf OC through and through. 

      Also the author throws random self doubt tantrums? It's a little odd but I understand writing is really hard. 

      Overall I'd still recommend it for some of the side characters, but Rakna himself is as flat as a cardboard cutout of a werewolf. Don't pay attention to the author notes because there are several times when he flat out tells people not to read it if they have small problems (like a t-rex not having feathers), and honestly over time his advice gets better and better to just call it off and read something else. 

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      New Kuroxi
      Status: c142

      Absolutely one of the better stories. Although I don't like the concept of a werewolf, the overall plot and premise of the story is enough to be called original.

      Probably the best part is that the author actually puts thought into what the main character thinks and does. When you read enough, you start instinctively questioning why the main character didn't do this or question that. Usually authors miss these small details. For me personally, I had two instances in this story where I had an instinctual question pop up as I was reading and was surprised to see the main character address the same issue a couple paragraphs down.

      TLDR: Great Story, Big Brain Author, Story will expand a few braincells if read thoroughly.

      PS. Harem is Always Win
      PSS. Would love to see more guild interactions

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      0 Likes · Like
      Status: c44

      I am honestly  thrilled  to have found such a good story about Werewolf and let me tell you that this story is freaking amazing. &Nbsp;I don’t have much to say except try to read it. You won’t have any regrets.

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      7 Likes · Like
      Status: c45. abyss

      This is the only werewolf story I actually like, The author knows what he's doing as well, try the book you won't regret it, or maybe you will idk what you like but I suggest reading his 1st book first you'll get some much needed context unless you like the mystery then read this first anyway have a cookie?

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      6 Likes · Like
      Status: c56. Seed Grotto

      Enjoyable and fantastic world building.

      I'm a big fan of the personality of the side characters so far, they, and by extension, the world, feel alive.

      Bits and pieces of comedy sprinkled in here and there that made me crack a smile or two, nice sometimes strategic fighting and engaging fight scenes make this novel an entertaining read.

      Highly recommend reading.

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