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Misplaced Magic
Misplaced Magic
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It was the last long-weekend before summer break, and my folks were out of town. It seemed like the perfect time to come out to my best friend. That all went sideways when my bestie beat me to the punch with an even bigger secret - one that would send the two of us looking for answers and magic before the weekend was over!

This is the first installment in our 'Magic of the Moon' series.

DramaGender BenderGirls LoveMystery
Childhood Friends Female Protagonist Magic Male to Female Modern Day Timid Protagonist Transgender
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      Status: epilog

      An absolutely adorable, relatively short, but very enjoyable story! Read it and be rewarded with lots of cute moments and a big mystery to experience!

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      This story is a delightful mystery of two teens trying to piece together what happened in their recent past. It's beautiful, extremely trans, and amazingly gay! There's magic and time loops and cauldrons, oh my! And a really nice capture of the feeling of staying over at a friend's house playing old games all night. Highly recommended!!!

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