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Weird Shift
Weird Shift
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The deal: Beryl the self-proclaimed 'god-tier' gamer is offered one thousand years of paradise for reincarnating into a fantasy world and slaying the Demon King.
The plan: Impersonating a girl in online games worked to get him tons of free gold. What could go wrong doing it for real this time?
The catch: Something is very 'off' about this world. Why is it starting to feel like everyone here is some kind of weirdo? And even the Demon King, he’s… he’s…!
“For the love of God, is there ANYONE in this world who isn’t a pervert?!”

Cover art by Cneko

ActionAdventureComedyEcchiFantasyGender BenderIsekaiMaturePsychological
Antihero Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Character Growth Comedic Undertone Cunning Protagonist Demon Lord Demons Fantasy World Fast Learner Female Protagonist Girl's Love Subplot Magic Male to Female Money Grubber Narcissistic Protagonist Nobles Nudity Quirky Characters R-15 Satire Selfish Protagonist Shameless Protagonist Souls Weak to Strong
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      Status: c8
      Feb 6, 2021

      In the beginning, there was darkness. Then, there was Weird Shift.

      I came into this, thinking that Weird Shift was going to be another standard GB Isekai. And it honestly kind of is. Yeah, the angel in charge of reincarnation is a nutcase. Yeah, the Demon King is a  weirdo. Yeah, the main character is shameless. Yeah, the narrator is a sarcastic piece of sh*t. It might be different from the standard, cookie cutter isekai, but most isekai written these days stray from cookie cutter; they follow KonoSuba's footsteps in making a stupid, almost satirical world that defies the norms set by games like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. And heck, it's even gender-bender. Wow! How original!

      Weird Shift  is normal. Cliché even.

      However, I rated this 5*s.


      Because the cliché is done well. That's all there is to say about it. It manages to be funny, where many others simply make me cringe. While the writing is amateurish with a few obvious mistakes, it's hardly noticeable unless you're a grammar nazi, like me. The execution of the writing is on-point. There's honestly little to complain about.

      Weird Shift is a fairly good example of the non-standard isekai genre. I highly recommend reading it if you liked KonoSuba.

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