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/ Series / My New Life as a Catgirl
My New Life as a Catgirl
My New Life as a Catgirl
1.55M Views 14226 Favorites 58 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 4362 Readers
4.4 (386 ratings)
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Transmigrated into the body of a catgirl and forced into becoming the personal slave of the Demon Lord of Lust, our protagonist, 'Kitty', has found himself in a living nightmare as he struggles to accept his new identity. As he struggles to resist, he finds himself falling further and further into his new role. Can he escape the clutches of one of the most powerful mages on the continent?

Updates: 3x per week (Mon/Thurs/Sat)

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BDSM Beastkin Brainwashing Cautious Protagonist Cute Protagonist Demon Lord Doting Love Interests Fantasy World Female Master Futanari Game Elements Half-human Protagonist Level System Manipulative Characters Nudity Possessive Characters R-18 Rape Reverse Rape Sexual Cultivation Technique Slave Protagonist Slaves Succubus Transmigration Trap
Table of Contents 58
  1. Chapter 55 (Elaina)Apr 21, 2021
  2. Chapter 54Apr 13, 2021
  3. Chapter 53Apr 11, 2021
  4. Chapter 52Apr 9, 2021
  5. Chapter 51Apr 6, 2021
  6. Chapter 50 (Marquis Williams)Apr 4, 2021
  7. Chapter 49Apr 2, 2021
  8. Chapter 48*Mar 30, 2021
  9. Chapter 47Mar 28, 2021
  10. Chapter 46Mar 26, 2021
  11. Chapter 45Mar 23, 2021
  12. Chapter 44Mar 21, 2021
  13. Chapter 43 (Princess Aurelia)Mar 19, 2021
  14. Chapter 42 (Princess Aurelia)Mar 16, 2021
  15. Chapter 41Mar 14, 2021
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      Status: chapter 44

      Interesting story, currently slowly shifting away from the original "submissive slave" theme and more towards a "finding her place in the world" theme as of chapter 37.

      Good story, but keep in mind there's a lot of s*xual scenes, and for the first 25 chapters a good chunk of them are borderline rape to the main character, but this is offset by the fact that they were literally captured by the Demon Lord of Lust, and it also serves the story because it allows the development of several important skills, and is offset by Stockholm syndrome. It might make some people uncomfortable, but the story itself is actually present as more than just an excuse for smut. 

      While I personally quickly glanced at and moved on with those chapters, the scenes start to get more consensual, at least as of c37.

      I would recommend reading the first 37 chapters to get a taste of what the story is.

      Chapter 44 edit: this story is going in a different direction and I love it. Read the story if you want to know what I mean, although you don't have to force yourself.

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      Status: chapter 55 (elaina)

      I found this story when searching for an adult novel. What I found didn't disappoint. The s*x scenes were good, but it was actually the plot that got me hooked. It takes a while till the plot thickens though. Oh and I like the authors naming sense! If you find the tags agreeable give it a try.

      In my opinion this story is perfectly readable and understandable so I would at lease give it 3.5/5 for the language and grammar (getting 5/5 would need grammar to be perfect and the language to be more than understandable, it has to be used as a art in itself). I pointed out some mistakes when I noticed them. I think other users should try to do the same rather than just expecting perfect language from a free story from a amateur writer.

      Author maintained a consistent rate of updating till the 54th chapter which I think is commendable especially since this the first story of the author (Well done author! ?). As long as the author continually updates the story I'm not going to complain about the release rate not being met exactly. Of course it would be awesome if the consistent rate of updating can be kept. Looking forward for more! ?

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      Status: chapter 55 (elaina)

      Damn ! It too good but the Author is offline for a while, I think this LN is one of the most Novel I read but too short 

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      5 Likes · Like
      Status: --

      Not poorly written, and the worldbuilding is solid. Fairly generic setting, but not bad.

      Now for the downside?


      My criticism is that the main character has almost no agency at all. They are systematically broken and turned into little more than a doll. There is almost zero desire to do anything at all except follow and fold around others. They get powers and skills? Great, as it is they'll never use them unless ordered and under extreme duress.

      Even if you're into the kinks, it's a dull premise with very little payoff. Making almost literally any other character the protagonist would at least spice things up. As it is, it's a mishmash of being a doormat, being almost incapable of acting of their own initiative, and submissive slave s*x. Lots and lots and lots of submissive slave s*x. 


      tl:dr? If you don't like submissive slaves being ordered and abused heavily? Steer away. Doesn't really get more interesting.

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      5 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 55

      This novel is really a masterpiece.

      It's too bad somehow the author must take Hiatus and stop writing it.

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      4 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 25

      you know. that typical grade c isekai that never made it to manga? this is just like that. but instead of fluffy or comedy. this thing use bdsm ero.....

      i'll never understand how can someone jerk off on a wall of text and satisfied with it.

      in world with poorly written hentai world. mostly because nonexistent power balance and fetishes that got shoved in whenever possible.

      there's reasons most hentai are oneshot you know?


      how does everyone still have their free wills and privacy? why nobles still holding bargaining power against demonlords after so long. how can the world still able to hold onto that level their technologies when people are so self-destructive?


      and when combine with beta isekai protagonist... with bunches of dominatrix.

      I'm losing hope in humanity.

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      3 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 55

      The story overall is alright lot of rape scenes at the start. The beginning arc I wish it was longer, or maybe have her get kidnapped from the south again instead of the stale castle life. And really she is the Hero of love but you might as well have made her the hero of lust but whatever.

      Grammar/Writing: 2/5 - Some of the scenes are kinda stiffish like the author didn't know what to do so they just guessed. The grammar is kinda iffy no matter how far I read there are a lot of simple errors that could be fixed if the author didn't rush through

      Updates: 1/5 - Says updates every [Mon/Thurs/Sat] but already failing to keep up with their own schedule if you cant do 3 chapters on time then maybe you should do 1 a week? It just seems like you took a larger portion than what you could handle.

      Charas: 2/5 - It IMO would have been better if we got to see the prince before the curse and before the MC took over but it's meh, the demon lords and such seem kinda shallow like all they got going for their personality is the Sins they are associated with and then all their subordinates kinda roll with it. Overall it's kinda bad.

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      3 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 54

      Fairly standard heroes and demon lords plot turned sideways.

          Grammar and Writing Style - 2/5

      Semi-frequent grammar mistakes and an occasional tense shift mid chapter.

         Characters - 3/5

      This story hosts a rather varied collection of interesting individuals, who appear to have lively backgrounds.

         Plot - 3/5

      Awakening in the clutches of a demon lord is a very inauspicious way to begin an adventure. Never the less, the protagonist perseveres through humiliation and finds the assistance needed to escape confinement. In so doing they find that they possess a far higher role than they could have imagined during captivity.

      I must say, I actually would have preferred to have seen the opening arc in the north last longer, as the character dynamic offers such a strong contrast to what is normally seen.

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      3 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 55 (elaina)

      3/5 stars - I liked it, but the execution is flawed.

      Pros, it is a bit of a unique tale told from the perspective of someone truly powerless in the classical sense. However, as they say, love can conquer all. Kitty/Adrianna is an interesting character who generally fits the bill she was written for. The level advancement system is solid and lends strength to the world building. All in all it was pretty fun to read, if incomplete.

      Neutral, 1st person perspective. Unfortunately, no story told from this perspective shall ever truly rise above a 3/5. This is a very very difficult perspective to write in because it is so easy to have the character whose eyes we are watching the world through do something that fundamentally does not align with the core values of the reader. This then results in an abrupt, and sometimes significant, disconnect from the main character and the greater story.

      Bad, the creation scheme of the world is pretty bad and very generic at best. Then there is Elaina, our MC's beloved elven partner. She goes from austere to horny slut in the span of an instant after being in the MC's company. There was no build up at all to any sort of relationship or romance to underpin the s*xy times. Then the MC just gives in to it all, claiming she feels safer... it honestly felt highly contrived cause the author wanted Kitty and Elaina to bang. Kitty comes across quite two-faced because of it. Next we the pacing of the story. It was just honestly a bit all over the place and didn't feel consistent with what I thought was the tale the author was trying to tell. Finally, I would say Kitty's reaction to being genderbent was not very believable. Either Kitty should have continued to fight for his male identity more, or once she caved in and accepted her fate, she should have stopped occasionally insisting she was a guy at all.

      Summary: In the end, I enjoyed the tale for what it was. I hope one day the author will find it within themselves to resume writing. Perhaps even rewrite this story anew so we can all see their growth as a writer. This tale had a lot of potential to it. Not often we get to see the world through the eyes of what looked to be a stellar supporting character. Would have been fun to see this taken to the end.

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