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/ Series / Reincarnated as Part of the Dungeon’s Harem
Reincarnated as Part of the Dungeon’s Harem
Reincarnated as Part of the Dungeon’s Harem
110.2k Views 1463 Favorites 23 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 909 Readers
4.2 (73 ratings)
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Total Views (All): 110,150
Total Views (Chapters): 71,846
Average Views:3,124
Word Count:25,714
Average Words:1,118
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      New AlterEs
      Status: c10
      Mar 1, 2021

      No character development. No world building. No nothing. Just pure smut, we don't even know what the main character's backstory is or who she was before. Not even a name, though I'm giving it a 3 star for nice grammar and writingstyle. I kind of expected something like cliche harem but the MC isn't the haremmaster and all that.

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      Status: chapter 10 – choking on meat
      Jan 5, 2021

      Chapter 1 was excellent, and overall the writing is quite good. Unfortunately, chapters 2 and onwards truly felt like they wasted my time. The protagonist bounces from abuser to abuser, never making choices or possessing agency. She barely speaks -- perhaps one sentence per chapter -- and it really feels more like torture porn than any kind of actual story. The LitRPG elements are wasted. The protagonist has no ambition to progress herself, her stats are barely used or paid attention to. I regret the time I wasted here.


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      4 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c0
      Jan 18, 2021

      This novel makes no sense. The MC just goes from one place to another randomly, has s*x, then f**ks off somewhere else without anything ever being explained. There is no world building, the characters have no depth, and the MC is barely a character at all, they dont even talk for most of the chapter. The actual plot is nonexistent. This is literally just porn, which would be fine if this was on literotica or something of the like, but novels here are supposed to at least have something behind them besides pure smut, which this does not. Hell, most things on literotica actually have more plot than this.

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      Status: chapter 15 – candy land ii [+18]
      Jan 16, 2021

      Okay here goes, this novel is directed at a specific niche that I myself fall under. As the previous reviewer said protagonist lacks agency it feels more like she's an observer than a character at times. 

      This is intentional on the authors part they said so themself. If you have submissive or masochistic tendencies like myself you will most likely find that this novel scratches your itch greatly. If not, well you probably won't like this novel. 

      If those elements weren't there than I probably wouldn't be reading this novel. I know this is more a collection of personal thoughts than a review, but I can't rate this objectively and give it a high score. 

      This novel simply appeals to my kink in a way that makes it feel great in spite of its numerous flaws. So with that out of the way I hope my fellow subs and ms will give this a shot and maybe a few other of my less kinky peers.

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