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/ Series / Reborn as a Villain in Tales of Demons and Gods
Reborn as a Villain in Tales of Demons and Gods
Reborn as a Villain in Tales of Demons and Gods
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4.2 (26 ratings)
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MC reincarnated in TDG world as Shen Yue, the evil fiance of the city lord's daughter, Yi Zi Yun. He tried to think of ways to survive in this world as he uses his future knowledge of his family's ruin.
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Tales of Demons and Gods
Antihero Protagonist Cultivation Parody Polygamy Rivalry Scheming
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      Status: chapter 19: nether realm
      Jan 4, 2021

      I want to rate this higher, but I don't feel I can. The pacing is too fast to get invested into the story.

      It basically follows the plot of TODG, except 10 chapters are condensed into 1 paragraph of "He did this, he did that and became more op".

      My recommendation is to completely re-write the whole story, expanding on the details and giving birth to the characters, instead of just pulling them out of TODG.

      This is supposed to be a new and different story in its own right, instead of a summary with minor changes.

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      Status: alchemist guild
      Dec 31, 2020

      Purely based on the respect I give to Tales of Demons I can give this a blind 5 star, not to mention the idea isn't bad. It could become a pretty interesting story if there were more chapters.

      The absolute main part is that it gives importance to my all time favorite character, ever, Xiao Ning'er. Ziyun is absolutely nothing in front of Ning'er tbh.

      Now we just need the original author of TDG to move his ass and finish up the story.

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      Status: chapter 2: meeting ninger again
      Dec 29, 2020


      As for the new readers I can tell you this is a good TODG fan-fiction... The reason it feels fast for some readers is the author does not cut and paste the canon story!... To better understand what is going on you should go read the canon story to fill in any gaps you may feel. As of when I wrote this there is 15 chapters published on this already, so just wait patently for more!

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c2
      Dec 30, 2020

      This is really a great story  and he will be getting all the nice waifus too especially ninger and may be r-18 too unlike the main story he may get main MC lil sister who knows but the story update is once a week with how little the chapter is that really the thing that made me rate 3 if it goes up to 3-5 chapters a week it would be  a  5*

      I gave a 4* becuz it is going keep it up man

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