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The Crab Fighter (LitRPG)
The Crab Fighter (LitRPG)
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Author's Word:

This story is not a comedy. Now, don't get me wrong, my dear reader; it is funny. Hell, it has even been called downright hilarious by a couple of readers that may or may not have been my mother. But in essence, it is not purely comedy, in the same way that it is not purely tragedy. The Crab Fighter is just an intense story. Sometimes you will laugh like a ticklish hyena and sometimes you will cry as if you're reading this on onion paper. Your blood will boil, you will feel sympathy, pity, and passion, and that's all part of the deal. If you're into that, read ahead.

Now, I know what you're thinking. These are rather bold claims. Can I truly support them?

Oh, my dear reader. I most certainly can. Welcome aboard.



A man wakes up in an unknown, fantastical world with blue screens, levels, classes, and absolutely no idea of who he is. Did I mention giant crabs? Worst of all, a series of unfortunate circumstances lead to him adopting an... uncomfortable... name.

In his struggle to survive, he will fight his way through crab dens, forests, towns, and sewers. He will befriend barbaric orcs and smug outcasts, sneakily sneak into the enemy's heart of operations, fight against monsters and stand for what is right. Besides, if he just so happens to amusingly and quite epically turn the world on its head while doing so... Eh, it happens.

But all that is only provided he survives his first day in the world of Peras. Will he live and thrive, enjoying an epic lifetime of razor-sharp adventure and manly brotherhood? Or will he be turned into crab food on the very first day of his existence?

And what's a modern-day sailor doing there?!

Join our unfortunately named friend and find out... Adventure's waiting!

~Reject humanity, return to crab~



A high-fantasy LitRPG adventure, focusing a bit more on the 'Lit' and less on the 'RPG' for later chapters. We mainly follow the MC's adventures, but significant emphasis is also given to a small, sometimes rotating cast of other characters. While the story's main genre is definitely an adventure, the theme is dynamic, with different chapters ranging from epic, to wholesome, to hilarious, to dark and action-packed.

Updates are weekly, 06:00 GMT every Sunday. This story is also posted on RoyalRoad.

Please give me feedback, friends, and enjoy! Or, you know... don't. Your call.

Why are you still reading this? I'm running out of words! Just go read the first chapter, goddamnit.

Adventurers Aggressive Characters Alternate World Carefree Protagonist Comedic Undertone Confident Protagonist Evil Organizations Game Elements Game Ranking System Interconnected Storylines Interdimensional Travel Level System Male Protagonist Orcs Parallel Worlds Racism Righteous Protagonist RPG Strength-based Social Hierarchy Survival Sword And Magic Sword Wielder Transported into a Game World Weak to Strong Zombies
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      Status: chapter 20
      Jan 12, 2021

      Grammar is good, story is good, the system is good, the characters are fun. Love it!

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      6 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 5: royal wrath
      Dec 30, 2020

      The grammar is good, it has some humor, and lots of intense fights so far.

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      6 Likes · Like Permalink
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