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Stalker’s Journal
Stalker’s Journal
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Arata Jin, one of the '12 urban legend' which is famous the school and town.

The story of urban legends is all about how bizzare each one is, that include Jin. Having an urge of stalking mentality, and good response in terms of psychology. He secretly help people in the dark, while hiding his identity, which make him one of the urban legend called the 'stalking angel'.

But huge twist turn around when the new headmaster of the school announce in everyone to identify each of the 'urban legend' identity, and giving other 'urban legend' to identify the other. Not just rewards if an urban was identified, but also a chance for another 'urban legend persona' to evade this identity check if they managed to identify one.

Now Jin life was put on constant carefulness, and avoiding not being caught by the other.

What will happen if stalker try to stalk you. Welcome to the Stalker's Journal!

[Note: this is just a 'side' webnovel I'll make, but still the main focus for me is the Livestream Hero.]
Please give it a review and hearts!!! Thank you.
UwU another entry of mine for Scribble contest, but I want this little novel to build its own momentum, Support! And the Grimm peace be with you!

Art is not mine, I just found it randomly on google, and twirk it with little edit. :)

DramaHorrorPsychologicalSchool LifeTragedy
Scribbly Anniversary V2
Blackmail Brainwashing Cunning Protagonist Detectives Enemies Become Allies Hackers Manipulative Characters Past Trauma Psychopaths Secret Identity Seven Deadly Sins Seven Virtues Stalkers Yandere
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