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RE – Naruto Universe
RE – Naruto Universe
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You just need one person to actually change his/her action.
Instead of originally left you went right, instead of not originally acting you actually acted.
That one act resulted in a change that created a parallel world.

Lei is from the future who died during battle. He is reincarnated in Naruto world,.
He discovers that he is reborn in a world that he recognized but is it really the original Naruto world that he knows?

Lets join his adventure, exploring the world...

Note: This is a Fanfiction.
All Naruto original characters and original world settings belong to their respective owners.
I recommend watching the Anime, its legal and free in crunchyroll.
Image done from free MS Powerpoint Themes

AdventureFanfictionFantasyIsekaiMartial ArtsSci-fi
Age Progression Alternate World Based on an Anime Buddhism Fast Learner Mythical Beasts Ninjas Parallel Worlds Reincarnated into Another World Reincarnation Secret Organizations
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      Status: chapter 24 – staying in konoha
      Jan 24, 2021

      Currently at chapter 24. And this is an honest, non-bootlicking review. Not a lot of those around.

      Anyways, story is moving pretty slowly (not a bad or good thing). So far interesting enough.

      MC often talks in a bit of an annoying way where he will mention character roles or names each in sentence. This ain't the military, you don't need to speak "Yes lieutenant" with your mom/dad/friends. An example from the novel -> "Ah... to be true to myself... yes, I think I sort of know... grandpa, grandma, pa~ and mum~... ". Also lil bit of an overuse of "chan" at end of names.

      Still, I always read the next chapter when I see that it has come out. Overall good, but could use less "mum, dad, character role, character name".

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