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/ Series / TalentPlus!: Talent + Effort = Strongest Capture Target!!!
TalentPlus!: Talent + Effort = Strongest Capture Target!!!
TalentPlus!: Talent + Effort = Strongest Capture Target!!!
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4.2 (77 ratings)
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Waking up in the arms of a beautiful stranger while a handsome stranger is looking at him with affection and tears as a cute child stares at him with wonder, our protagonist is thinking


As he panics when he realizes all that's coming out of his mouth is the scream of an infant and realising that he cannot move his limbs, he hears the words of the stranger holding him

"Would you look at our handsome child, our dear Riel Lostbelt."

He realizes

"Wait, am I the tragic capture target? NOOOOOOOO!!!"

With a newfound resolve to save his new family's lives, he is determined to become strong even at a young age however


Watch as he unknowingly becomes the strongest Capture Target.

This is my first ever novel. To whoever reads this, let's have fun together on this journey.

ActionComedyFantasyIsekaiRomanceSchool Life
Accelerated Growth Age Progression Arrogant Characters Beautiful Female Lead Dense Protagonist Determined Protagonist Different Social Status Familial Love Genius Protagonist Hard-Working Protagonist Kind Love Interests Love at First Sight Male Protagonist Otome Game Overpowered Protagonist Popular Love Interests Protagonist Falls in Love First Reincarnated into a Game World Strong to Stronger Time Skip
Table of Contents 52
Reviews 2
Table of Contents
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    Status: c23

    The author put too much info dump to the point that the MC is only in the story like the 10% of the time in the current chapter. Cause most of the current chapter are only about the people around the MC. Author is this novel suppose to be about the MC or is it about the people around him. I mean it's good that you're writing about the people around the MC but do you really need to do that to the point where it's not even about the MC anymore. I really only care about the MC and it's a plus if we get the know the people around the MC but I don't like the fact that you are concentrating more on the people around the MC instead of the MC. I mean this novel is about the MC right? Or is it about the people around the MC so I don't have to continue wasting my time reading a novel where the people around the novel is written in more chapter than the MC. 

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    Status: chapter 21: just what is this...

    Awesome novel. Although personaly im not a fan of all those different povs (like how his parents got together and then uncle+his assistant) I can appreciate it nonetheless. I suppose im just in a rush to get back to the mc's pov. All around 5 stars from me.

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