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/ Series / Retribution Engine [ARC 1 – SEE DESC. FOR SEQUELS]
Retribution Engine [ARC 1 – SEE DESC. FOR SEQUELS]
Retribution Engine [ARC 1 – SEE DESC. FOR SEQUELS]
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4.6 (73 ratings)
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Arcane machinery built to birth an army creates a singular paragon of violence - a creature of pure instinct is born and steps foot into a world at war.

Egotistical. Violent. Righteous to a fault.

Bringer of change, destroyer of tyrants.

Awaken, Conquering One, the Wanderer Unchained.

ActionAdventureFantasyGirls LoveHistoricalLitRPGMartial ArtsMatureSupernatural
Alchemy Artificial Intelligence Beasts Character Growth Confident Protagonist Cultivation Determined Protagonist Dungeons Female Protagonist Firearms Homunculus Hot-blooded Protagonist Insects Magic Multiple Protagonists Mutated Creatures Politics Racism Righteous Protagonist Skill Creation Sword And Magic Unique Cultivation Technique Unique Weapon User Wars
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    Status: c0

    100 good chapters, followed by 100 chapters of utter boredom and no progression. Could've been really good, if it kept up the momentum of the first 100 chapters. 

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    Status: 91 – red mantis

    This story has kept my interest constantly, always making me want to learn more about how the system works. The world building, history, characters and interactions are all well done. This is a story I want to read more of, and am thankful for what looks like a rapid release of chapters. 

    From the looks of the tags, I am hoping nothing like the love interest dying happens and such, but I could probably keep reading through such a thing due to how amazingly this story is written. Everything we learn about the history of the world, and how things work, are all learnt the same way the protagonist learns them. We know roughly what she knows. With the odd parts from side characters.

    While not a main part of the story by any sense of the imagination, the lewd parts are well written, and flow extremely well, The teasing early on was well written, while it could have been described better, or made to flow more neatly, it was fun to read, and how their relationship built from that was smooth and natural.

    I would recommend reading this to people who wouldn't mind the fairly heavy racism that occurs between different races in the story, but it is written well, with reasons arguable good reasons for such racism. In story, it makes sense that such a populous might become like it is.

    The uncovering of what the protagonist is, how they came about, and who was related to said past are all interesting to me, and such a past points to deeper points related to the history of the world, and could possibly hint towards what could happen in the future.

    The POV's from other characters perspectives are all well written, and provide good insight into what others think about what the main character and her actions.

    The pacing of the story is nice, going though her daily actions, though this might only be the case because of reading it all in bulk. I would expect it to feel like it is slowing down a lot now I have caught up to current release. 

    The grammar and flow of the story are good as far as I can remember, nothing stood out while reading. The scenes flow into each other nicely, and nothing really felt jarring as the main character went between different activities.

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    Status: announcement/sequel preview

    A fantastic read.

    The character interaction is done amazingly well, no character that has been introduced has felt like a cardboard cutout.  Everyone actually feels like a person when interacting.

    The worldbuilding is done quite well, you never get smacked in the face with an info-dump, you get introduced to little bits and pieces as the story goes on.  The latter half of the book is a lot going on in a short amount of time, but it answers a few questions about the cast as well as opening up even more questions and mysteries.

    I would definitely give this one a try.

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    Status: announcement/sequel preview

    An action packed Hidden Gem that needs more eyes on it.

    The story is set in a quasi "turn of the century 1900s" post-war period, complete with (magic) muskets and early-modern military, mainly centered around the losing side.  Tons of world building with the right amount of little details. 

    Bringing fantasy is the unique Fog breath "system". Its parts cultivation, martial arts and litRPG mixed together nicely without an huge reliance on any tropes. 

    The characters start simple but build up with as the story moves, Including the main relationship. 

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    Status: 146 – perpetual overwork

    This is an amazing story.

    The action is well written and the characters are all unique. Zel and Zef are also an adorable couple.

    The world building is very extensive and complex. 

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    Status: arc finale – it has to...

    So honestly, the story and characters are really good, I love that the characters each have a past that will unfold over time, and the world building is quite interesting.

    However, I don't know where the characters will go and change, as well as that a the main character has depth, but contradictorily doesn't. It's hard to explain over text but I will try my best.

    From the start till now, our Main character has her sh*t together from the moment she awakens. Now I am all for competent, having their sh*t together and in order, type main characters. However, she shows no real change or growth by any means, and neither do the other characters.

    Honestly I am gonna cut this short by saying this.

    This feels more like a LONG prologue. Nothing really of extreme importance happens, it's more so a setup for all the Party members to be introduced, and they get into their starting positions for the next novel.

    Read it. Or don't. Your choice.

    Gosh this is a bad review. Sorry.

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