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Royal Princess of Blood
Royal Princess of Blood
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I died having a dagger stuck to my heart. I had no choice but to face and accept my death.
But when I woke up, I was in a different body.
They called me "Princess". Sure, cool.
Now, with this new life, I became a different person.
I am a pure and innocent princess. A beautiful and adorable maiden that must be protected.
A fragile princess. Delicate. Precious.
Those are what I am... well... not exactly... but I do act that way.

Cover Image Source: Arknights

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Antihero Protagonist Apathetic Protagonist Aristocracy Assassins Beautiful Female Lead Calm Protagonist Carefree Protagonist Charming Protagonist Clever Protagonist Fantasy World Fearless Protagonist Female Protagonist Kingdoms Knights Magic Monsters Playful Protagonist Royalty Ruthless Protagonist Sword And Magic
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