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/ Series / Royal Princess of Blood
Royal Princess of Blood
Royal Princess of Blood
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4.5 (178 ratings)
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I died having a dagger stuck to my heart. I had no choice but to face and accept my death.
But when I woke up, I was in a different body.
They called me "Princess". Sure, cool.
Now, with this new life, I became a different person.
I am a pure and innocent princess. A beautiful and adorable maiden that must be protected.
A fragile princess. Delicate. Precious.
Those are what I am... well... not exactly... but I do act that way.

Cover Image Source: Arknights

Advance chapters are accessible in Patreon:

Volume 1: Pure Princess | [Chapter 1 - 96]

Scribbly Anniversary V2
Antihero Protagonist Apathetic Protagonist Aristocracy Assassins Beautiful Female Lead Calm Protagonist Carefree Protagonist Charming Protagonist Clever Protagonist Fantasy World Fearless Protagonist Female Protagonist Kingdoms Knights Magic Monsters Playful Protagonist Royalty Ruthless Protagonist Sword And Magic
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Table of Contents
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    New ret
    Status: volume 2 chapter 45

    It's good as a slice of life with some action in it.

    Definitely a slow story though so read if you like that stuff.

    I hope it doesn't turn into romance though (maybe yuri idk)

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    Status: c52

    I read this for 50 chapters and its too slow. I enjoyed it while reading it but when I got out my chair and thought to myself what had actually happened:


    in 50 chapters she went to the city once and bought a dagger thats about it... rest was just some world building and character development but there was no actual content.


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    Status: chapter 50: wisterian religious order (part 1)

    This story is weird. I've read 50 Chapters, so it's at least minimally enjoyable, it has nice world building, character descriptions and emotional development. But it's slow. 70% of the content is the thoughts of the main character. But it's not bad writing, it has good enough grammar, the characters are defined and feel real and the story is interesting and engaging. The problem is you'll be reading and the main character will just go on and on thinking inside of her head bringing up memories and going on tangents. This feature allows the reader to truly understand the characters and their motives and at times is incredibly engaging to read. But the writer writes about all the thoughts of the main character all the time, so it can become a slog at times. You don't want to skip it though, because it expands on the story, adds details, world building and character building. It truly makes the story very interesting and makes the reader feel like they're in the character's shoes. It just makes you sigh sometimes with how much the character is thinking and how little is happening.

    Overall I enjoy the story and I think the feature of including all the main character's thoughts is interesting and adds immensely to the story although at the cost of brevity. If you are a action oriented reader who likes characters doing things constantly, you'll probably not enjoy this and find it a slog to go through. If not you'll enjoy this story a great deal.

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    10 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 88: a revelation (part 1)

    I honestly really liked this book, it’s a bit slow in the beginning but I think that makes the more action parts even more exciting! Especially since the book really goes in depth about the characters and the world they live in (that’s why the beginning is a bit slower) Because it goes so in-depth it you understand the MC quite well! I all in all, adore how the author has written their book, it really suits their story :)

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: c110ish

    Amazing story and writing quality, too bad it took 120ch to actually start getting into the action of the princess of 'blood' as 3/4 of the chapters are just monologue or chatter with people and the MC acting like an innocent princess instead of her... Well cold and calculating self like you'd expect her to do, given the title.

    It is a good read and quite entertaining, just dont get your hopes up if you are here to read a princess killing and being cold and indifferent and badass because almost of that happens in her head as she talks about herself while the actions are her acting innocent, cute and naive, like any pure princess would. 

    So just consider that the pace is extremely slow.

    //// Below is review written when I reached ch34- left as archive

    The story is extremely slow.

    For someone called a princess of blood it was too damn slow, I'd rather call her princess of cuteness and inner monologue, like I write this as of ch34 and she just got out of the castle once and bought daggers she just hides under the bed, that took like 1-2 chapters and the rest of the 30-ish were just talk, some world building and a lot of her inner monologue and acting like a princess does in the novels aimed at young girls.

    It is a good read but I recommend: you either change the title, it is clickbaity tbh. You increase the pace by like 10x. Or you show us Blood! We demand Blood!

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    Status: chapter 86: the deceitful princess (part 2)

    In the prologue of the story, it really sounds interesting, making me believe that the protagonist of the book is strong and is a highly skilled assassin, despite the fact that she got killed. But as I finished reading the first part of the series, I feel like that the character did nothing crucial at all. Every chapter is all about her thinking instead of her taking action to survive and kill her enemies in the world she transmigrated in. She can just sneak out at night and assassinate them. Although the body she reincarnated into was really weak, she must have some abilities useful for her to fight and hide her presence. She clearly states in a chapter when she was reading a magic book, saying that she is one of the strongest assassin in the organization. But the problem is, it's like she's not using her abilities as an assassin at the very best. She has her abilities, but she's not using it. I agree and understand the reasons of why she has to act like a pure princess, but the fact is that she's not taking any action to strengthen herself or to just kill or attempt to kill the enemies. I truly believe that a strong protagonist doesn't have to be strong physically and knows how to kill people, but also needs to be strong mentally. But the fact that when this book is based on a highly skilled assassin, it feels a bit wasted because there was not that much action. I also understand that you want to focus on world building in the first part, but I don't see any character developments of her growing stronger physically or emotionally. The story is also slow, and the action was really late. 


    When she had an encounter with a person starting in the chapter "The Unexpected Encounter, " she told her family and they just hid everything from her hoping to keep her safe. She knew that they were hiding something, but she didn't even bother to understand what they're hiding so that she gets the idea of what's going on. Also, she didn't even think about assassinating the enemy, and when the traitor was revealed, somewhere in chapter 85-87, there was finally action where she defeats the traitor, Oryn. 


    If there were more actions and character developments in the first part, then I think that the story would be more exciting and worthwhile to read. I hope that the second part of the book will have more action and character developments, where the protagonist will grow strong and use her fighting abilities more.

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    Status: royal princess of blood volume 2...

    I think its good. Good world building and all that. The hidden enemy stuff really makes you wonder who's bad and keeps you guessing and leaves you with a satisfying conclusion. 

    With the 2nd Arc underway, I expect all that world building and character development to be used and expanded on.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 96: the purest of all

    It took some time for me to determine whether to give this four or five stars. In the end, I think that this deserves five stars. Before continuing, I want to make it clear that this is not a point-to-point story, which are frequent here on scribblehub. This is a bit more deliberate, so the pace will seem sluggish to anyone looking for a quick action novel. This review is also written after finishing the first volume and may not reflect the nature of the second.

    Strong points:

    1) The story is very well-crafted. It starts off with character-building, scene setting and world building, putting into place everything necessary to reach a single, climactic point of the story. This is what makes it both an excellent story and one which may feel slow to a reader familiar with other works on this site. It does not contain many points of excitement, but rather builds to a single point. Following this, the story de-escalates smoothly into a satisfying ending.

    2) The characters are fairly well developed. Given the length of the story, there are points where the characters are fleshed out and even given functional understanding based on less-important characters surrounding them. It should also be noted that chapters dedicated to character-building are intriguing even when they do not immediately or directly connect to the climactic point of the story.

    3) Important information is carefully guarded, given at just the right time for the benefit of the reader. The reader is provided enough information to enjoy the story and see where the "current" state is, but almost always from the perspective of the side of the protagonist.


    You don't get to know who the acting antagonist is until the time calls for it.


    Not-so-strong points:

    1) There is a challenging aspect to the MC which causes the story to stumble at points.


    The MC essentially has a personality disorder which causes spots of strange internal dialogue. Most of this dialogue is useful to the reader, but the time it takes to come to terms with the cause may create frustration. This is explained, albeit quite a bit later in the course of the story, which is why I maintain a 5 star review.


    In the end, if you are looking for a good and well-written story, I strongly recommend you read this. If you are looking for a heavy action novel, then I would recommend looking elsewhere - but you would still be missing out.

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