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/ Series / R.I.T.W.O.L
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I committed suicide so that I can finally live in peace.
But now I’ve suddenly woken up as a newborn baby.
Will this new life of mine bring me happiness?

Reincarnated into the world of Lodir

The cover was drawn by sushirollw

The schedule release will be 3 days after each release or by weekly.

ActionComedyFantasyIsekaiJoseiMartial ArtsPsychologicalTragedy
Adventurers Age Progression Demon Lord Demons Fearless Protagonist Female Protagonist Knights Monsters Slow Growth at Start Weak to Strong
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      New Noodle
      Status: --
      Feb 24, 2021

      From early on the story shows a slow dedicated progression to grow an understanding of the protagonist personality and small bits of those around her

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