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Her True Form
Her True Form
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Yvette knows she's a girl, no matter how many people tell her she must be something else. Having spent most of her life studying the arcane arts she is finally prepared to face the greatest challenge of all. Becoming the woman she's always known she was meant to be. With only her magic and her bodyguard, Gervas, to protect her, she doesn't care if she has to fight dragons, undead or the entirety of the Mage's Association. She won't let anyone or anything stop her from fixing what should never have been broken from the beginning. Her True Form.

A series focusing on the dangers and struggles of being transgender and trying to be yourself through a high fantasy lens.
Cover art by: Zefram Mann

ActionAdventureFantasyGender BenderRomance
Adventurers Magic Slow Romance Transformation Ability Transgender
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      New gothicshark
      Status: Finished Book 1 on Amazon
      Jan 8, 2021

      This is a rather good Transgender Story about a young girl trying to become who she really is, it's not an easy path for her, at least she has magic and a bodyguard hired by her unaccepting former master.

      She faces a lot of transphobia from her master, her friends, and even her bodyguard. But as things progress she gains the strength to move forward.  

      Oh, how I wish I could send her a supply of Spiro and Estrogen :p 

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      New Allarielle
      Status: chapter 9
      Jan 8, 2021

      Aahh. The first few chapters are really hard to read - the emotional impact. It gets easier pretty suddenly, though I expect there's still hard times to come.

      Magic gives the whole trans situation a bunch of interesting twists, and Melody Avant does a good job of exploring how the situation could be both the same and very different. For Yvette, knowing there's a spell out there that could allow her to be herself if only she could find/create it makes the whole problem even more about her society than it is for us IRL, but her society is total BS.

      As of chapter 9, the MC is only just setting out on her journey, but there's been plenty of hints that it's going to be a long and difficult one, so my expectation is that the story will transition into being more of an adventure story than it has started out. Once things settle down after the start, the two leads have quite an enjoyable dynamic, so I'm very much looking forward to how this develops.

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      Status: c13
      Jan 7, 2021

      This story ist just really goog. I have no complaints about grammar, or flow or anything.

      I would discrbe this as a good depiction of the struggles of a transgender apprentice mage in a totally ignorant society. The world seems harsh, but in a realistic way, not fore the shake of an edgy story.

      It gets pretty dark at the start, but I can see a brighter future ahead.

      If you got anything out of my description, give it a read!

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