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/ Series / I am Surrounded by Villainess in an Otome Game
I am Surrounded by Villainess in an Otome Game
I am Surrounded by Villainess in an Otome Game
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Having played an Otome Game for 2 days straight, I collapsed on the floor. But then I realized I am now inside the game as a character that supposed to be dead.

The Game plot hasn't started yet and there are so many things that differs from the game that force me to do something. But one thing for sure. . . These Villainess girls are crazy.
- Current Release: 1 Chapter/2 Day
- Entry to the Scribbly Anniversary V2
- Male MC
- Cover is made by me in ibispaint
- Discord server for novel:

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Academy Aristocracy Army Building Artifacts Enemies Become Lovers European Ambience Evil Organizations Handsome Male Lead Hiding True Abilities Kingdom Building Kingdoms Knights Kuudere Magic Reincarnated into a Game World Secretive Protagonist Slow Growth at Start Sudden Strength Gain Transported into a Game World Tsundere Villainess Noble Girls Weak to Strong Yandere
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      Status: chapter 5_the banquet (3)
      Jan 21, 2021

      Alright, this is my first review on the site so I also want to take someone first. (I'll continue sometime later as the story progressed)

      So first, let me give my speech: Some of us come for Villainess & Otome game tag and the others come for the Yandere tag and there are others who come for different tags. But worry not brothers, we are into this hell hole together as we can't satisfy our thirst and hunger for our favourite genre. May God bless us with more novel that have our favourite genre, Amen.

      Alright, that's it now let's start.

      1. The story has an interesting premise, and I really love the tags. Especially the harem one. I really hope the author fulfils these tags and not just make it for a clickbait.
      2. Chapter one maybe created with a thought 'How can I make this f**ker die'. I don't know if it's supposed to be a joke since the author can skip that part, but who am I to predict?, maybe there is a surprise? That's why the author made it?. Well, It's not bad and pretty funny.
      3. For the characters, they are written descriptively, so that's a point from me. So far There're only 2 'possible' heroine introduced. One is a sadistic bitch (probably a yandere) and the other is a Tsundere. I really hope the author won't make these girls like how the generic harem novel is. I really hope there's a development in every character. Girls arent pokemon.
      4. Also, I'm looking forward to how the Author going to make the 'capturable targets/the main Male character of the game' will act. 

      Well overall, It's interesting and recommended adding it to your reading list.

      For the cons, maybe It's the grammar. It's not that bad except if you're some grammar nazis that feels pain in your butt everytime you saw a grammar mistake.

      That's it. I'll add it later, Thank you very much for reading my review.

      I'm Out.

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