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/ Series / Sage, Vampire Mistress πŸ–€
Sage, Vampire Mistress πŸ–€
Sage, Vampire Mistress πŸ–€
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Sage is a vampire and these are her thralls. Bound totally to her will.

Well, as long as they keep cumming.


A story about a vampire, but not (usually) the bitey kind. Sexual rituals bind poor unfortunate souls to her will and bidding.


Chapters might be one-shot stories of Sage or her thralls, they might follow short arcs, they might show you the past or future. Enjoy the ride! πŸ–€

Normally I write tweet-length microfiction erotica: you can find a bit of it in my other series, or all of it on my twitter at

Appearance Changes BDSM Beautiful Female Lead Bisexual Protagonist Calm Protagonist Conditional Power Confident Protagonist Female Master Female Protagonist Futanari Hypnotism Immortals Magic Master-Servant Relationship Pansexual Protagonist Puppeteers Sadistic Characters Slave Harem Torture Vampires
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