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/ Series / Path of A True Villain
Path of A True Villain
Path of A True Villain
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4.3 (17 ratings)
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Villains exist only to show how smart, handsome, and witty the main character is. A Xianxia enthusiast from Earth transmigrates to a world with a system inside the body of a noble who may turn out to be a villain. In that case, there is only one path he could take for the sake of his survival: Become stronger no matter what it costs.

The cover image is from Fate/Grand Order wiki.

ActionFantasyIsekaiMartial ArtsSupernatural
Scribbly Anniversary V2
Academy Cultivation Demonic Cultivation Technique Magic Beasts Mythical Beasts Strength-based Social Hierarchy Transmigration Unreliable Narrator Weak to Strong Xianxia
  1. Chapter 16Feb 23, 2021
  2. Chapter 15Feb 20, 2021
  3. Chapter 14Feb 17, 2021
  4. Chapter 13Feb 14, 2021
  5. Chapter 12Feb 11, 2021
  6. Chapter 11Feb 8, 2021
  7. Chapter 10Feb 5, 2021
  8. Chapter 9Feb 2, 2021
  9. Chapter 8Jan 30, 2021
  10. Chapter 7Jan 27, 2021
  11. Chapter 6Jan 24, 2021
  12. Chapter 5Jan 21, 2021
  13. Chapter 4Jan 19, 2021
  14. Chapter 3Jan 16, 2021
  15. Chapter 2Jan 13, 2021
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      Status: c7
      Jan 27, 2021

      This novel is mediocre at best. Let's talk about its good points first: it has a messy narration, the grammatical structure of My Immortal, and a cliched plot. The narration is a mix of past and present tense. It's mostly past tense, but the narrator lapses into present tense often enough to make it jarring. This is a reference to how the hero character crosses over through time; in order to justify this, the author writes his narration in both the past and present, telling us that the past and present are but the same, allowing the character to go back in time. The narration is in 3rd person limited, but the POV switches randomly in the middle of a chapter. It's very unique and I like how the author is going outside the established boundaries and doing his own style of narration. The grammar of the novel is frighteningly good. I often have to reread a sentence to make sense of it, which is a really good thing since it makes people read longer and improves the valid read stat. And if someone ever invents a pay by the minute system for monetizing books, this'll be a huge advantage.I also really like the cliched plot. I don't like to think when I read, so when the plot is familiar, it makes me happy. There are a few bad points that counteract this, though. First, there's the lack of typos. Unfortunately, we're in 2021, and spellcheck is automatic these days. However, correctly spelled words make the writing read pretentiously. Bad spelling gives the reader a sense of familiarity. Second, there's a coherent plot. One of the things My Immortal did well was having a cliched plot while having no coherency whatsoever. This novel follows a logical progression instead of the FL falling in love with the MC on c2 then being totally forgotten for another F character. All in all, this is a 3* novel. Not bad enough for 2* but not good enough for 4*.


      Happy Scribbly Anniversary, Fromage!


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