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/ Series / My Sister The Villainess: Volume Two
My Sister The Villainess: Volume Two
My Sister The Villainess: Volume Two
40.6k Views 445 Favorites 43 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 431 Readers
4.3 (29 ratings)
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The Goddesses have descended and they want their man. Can our resident reincarnated Dragon God make it out in one piece, or is he doomed to a life of endless reverse rape? Find out next time on MSTV Volume 2!

Join our favorite drug-addicted, milf-obsessed, slightly-touched-in-the-head protagonist as he journeys through the great starry sky and slaps arrogant young masters across the face. He'll probably even fuck their mothers just for good measure, too.

Adultery Affair Angels Drugs Lack of Common Sense Masochistic Characters Netori Reverse Rape
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    I'm glad you (#CupcakeNinja) didn't just give up writing this, which I'm not sure if you did because I don't see any new chapters of V2, but either way, since you took the time to repost V2 separately just recently, I'll assume you're in the mood to continue where you've left off. I appreciate your hard work. Never gets old just how crazy and chaotic things get with Day. I just love this crazy psychotic sunuvabich. And I really, really, reaallly hope you at least finish V2, because I might just spend a free decades waiting for you finish, which I'm more than half sure I would because that's just how much I love your crazy story.

    Well, the review: V2 has much better character building (as far as I've read) than V1. And you can at least understand where things are going (which is bad, for me, as I'm solely in it for the unpredictability), but it's still an experience I very much enjoy and reading. How this helps. And for those niggas who haven't read the V1: da hell you doing here without knowing the basics, noob? Go suck that V1 

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