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/ Series / The One before God
The One before God
The One before God
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In the darkness there exist no life-ish.

Actually, there was something, or someone — no, it is indeed something.

It was a being of pure power; it moves cosmos on its whims and creates worlds because it wishes to. Gods bow before it, and its pride and arrogance make it the most glorious of all being across all—

“Stop it, stop expanding!”

Glorious of all being acro—

“My sleep is at risk; my abode is being sullied by this light… what? Create life? Go on, I don’t really mind.

“Create a being that spread the stars?

“A being that controls life and death? What’s life and death?

“Mortals? Demigods? Gods? Celestials? Guard—"

Fuck it! I give up… there is too much information… just read it, it’s pretty fun.


This is a story unlike any other... I think...

Beasts Carefree Protagonist Character Growth Demi-Humans Evil Gods God-human Relationship Godly Powers Gods Heaven Hell Immortals Magic Male Yandere Monsters Multiple Realms Non-human Protagonist Overpowered Protagonist
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      This is an amazing story, and here's why.

      The story starts off with the introduction of capital G, God. God loves his sleep, and I do, too. Suddenly, a window of light opens up and hurts his eyes. I can relate so much to this otherworldly being. 

      The way God tries to smack annoying things when being woken up also speaks to me. Unfortunately, force only makes the situation worse, so God comes up with a creative solution that blows my mind. 

      Read this story, and enjoy it for the awesomeness it is. 


      Happy Scribble Hub Anniversary, Seyer_Jad!


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