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/ Series / Knight of Corruption: The Seventh Swordsman
Knight of Corruption: The Seventh Swordsman
Knight of Corruption: The Seventh Swordsman
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4.7 (3 ratings)
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Ren Kageyama

Wields the sword of shadow. A young student from Japan.

Udo Usman

Wields the sword of water. Moved to Japan from Nigeria for work.

Kaoru Akihito

Wields the sword of flame. From Ren's school. Athletic and hot-headed.

Kenneth Corbin McDermott

Wields the sword of thunder. A loud and abrasive person.

Sakura Asahina

Wields the sword of wood. A shy and meek woman.

Yuji Masato

Wields the sword of wind.

Sato Hikaru
Wields the sword of light.

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