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Black Space
Black Space
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Kade Wilson is a retired Cop and an competitive Gamer. For the last 4.5 years he has held the number #1 spot on the VR World Games List. And while he did not win his last championship game he struck it rich. And to top it all off he is approached to be one of 500k hand-selected beta testers for an entirely new kind of game, an offer that he is incapable of refusing. Now he is trying to make money, take possession of relict find, stop pirates from harrassing them... all while trying to figure out who is a friend and who isn't.

This is a work in progress and largely unedited. There shouldn't be too many spelling and grammar mistakes in there but then again, I am just the writer... Bear with me or contact me if you find something that is just too bad for you. Actually, I appreciate any reports of errors (spelling or continuity) that you find and let me know about. In the discord I have a dedicated channel for these reports. If you don't want to join... I do read the chapter comments. ;)

There is one thing I want to point out though. And that is that I chose to place this story in a LitRPG and game universe so it doesn't have to be 100% scientifically correct. Also: Clarke's 3rd law! 

The update target is 2x per week (Thu & Sun) with a ~2k words chapter. However, this story has been on RoyalRoad for a while already and I will be posting Mon-Fri a chapter per day until the story is caught up. In the beginning I wrote very short chapters and I don't want to make you log in for 800 words. So I changed the chapter structure but from 5.1 both are similar.

ActionLitRPGSci-fiSlice of Life
Friendship Leadership MMORPG Outer Space Pirates
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