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/ Series / Returning Transcendent Opens an Idol Agency
Returning Transcendent Opens an Idol Agency
Returning Transcendent Opens an Idol Agency
1.37M Views 30683 Favorites 336 Chapters 4 Chapters/Week 2431 Readers
4.7 (314 ratings)
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The Devilish Genius of Time and Effort. That Cheating Bastard. Idiot Savant. A man known by countless names in the Three Realms, one who collected every treasure, every ancient art, whose Dao of 'Accumulation' made him the richest and most hated person even amongst the Eternal Emperors.

The strongest Transcendent, the one envied by all beneath the heavens. After breaking past the bounds of existence, he-

"I'm heading home."

"W-Wait! Master!"

-Promptly packed his bags and returned to Earth.

A story about a laidback overpowered guy who underestimated how hard it is to be abnormal in a normal world and gets swept up into the flow too quickly... And also ended up opening an idol agency.

Thus begins the tale of John Smith and his daily adventures back on Earth.

Cover was made by the wonderful Dovinder over on Sketchmob.

At least one update every day. :fingerscrossed:

Unauthorized translations and rehosts are not allowed. You have been put on notice.
A stripped down version of just the text is available on Webnovel.

Slice of Life
Business Management Devoted Love Interests Heartwarming Hiding True Abilities Hiding True Identity Interdimensional Travel Low-key Protagonist Modern Day Modern Time Music Overpowered Protagonist Part-Time Job Returning from Another World Singers Wealthy Characters
Table of Contents 336
Reviews 22
Table of Contents
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    Status: 113 – alfi titor – [meincraft] mining with...

    Amanzing Story, cant say more about it. And Author have his touche when select a song for each idol that make it story is very good. Very recommended for you read

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: c19

    made an account for this, Very nice, even if I usually don't like cultivation stories, the interaction John has with the world he found him self in is hella interesting. Keep it up!

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: c212

    This is fun, lighthearted, but dipping into serious. We are given background to the issues that are obtained from millenial cultivation. 

    Characters are cute, they seem to progress, so it's fun to read about them.

    It kinda makes me blink the fact that everyone is connected in some way, but can be excused with fate and karma. 

    I kinda want to see more impact made to the world, John has the mind and potential to change everything, which brings concequences, I want to see that.

    Anyway, I love it, well written, very few problems in grammar or spelling. And fun to read all around.

    Consistently fun to read. Though, I would hope for fast time travel, a bit of time skips at some point, so as to accelerate this awesome train.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: 207 – the man(?), the myth, the...

    Holy Mother in Heaven, this story is God-tier

    The character development, the comedy, and the drama! Oh my Gosh the drama.

    I don't know how you manage to upload almost everyday and I respect that a lot.

    Btw John best girl

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: 143 – rationale and emotions

    One of the best this site platform had to offer. Isn't angst-inducing, but more of a lighthearted family slice-of-life. Don't be goaded by the synopsis. It's not full-xianxia or cultivation power leveling, but Mr. John's return to his earthly life, and his try on idol-making and dealing with karma and family. Cuz it's a damn rare slice-of-life.

    A very relaxing read that had me binging throughout all the chapters. Read especially for those who want to taste something different aside from usual cultivation troupes.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: c31

    I always try to read at least 10% of the novels before reviewing them, but man, I just couldn't make it..

    The read kinda feels like one of those japanese isekai novels where the plain MC is op from the start yet refuses to solve his problems and ignores them until they blow up on his face.

    I'm disappointed because I got baited by the synopsis and at the end of the day the dude didn't even want to make an idol group! A random pimp (literally) on the street pushed him into buying the shady idol agency! 

    I'm dropping it because I know where this is going, can't ignore the red flags.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: c189

    Where do I begin.... the best description I can think of is that this is a rollercoaster of a ride.

    First of all, the writing quality. It is definitely one of the best novels I've read in terms of quality and quantity. The many different ways of writing style used in this story makes it very addicting and makes for a unique experience for both veterans and newbie readers alike.

    Secondly, the characters. I'll be honest with you. I'm still in shock as to how tf the author is keeping up their upload schedule with how good and well designed the characters are. If you compare some of the characters from their introduction to newer chapters, you can see the difference in how they acts and thinks. The character development is insane and their interactions are great, especially since the readers knows more than the characters themselves.

    Thirdly, the world. It's currently limited to Japan, the other world and a small amount of interaction between chat from other countries and the vtubers. It's not really a problem but I do have a small nagging question about countries's reactions to John's technologies etc.

    Fourth, the plot. Oh boy, this is a really complicated one. The fluffs are great. I'll be honest, the fluffs and the vtuber chapters are the most enjoyable part of this story but without the drama, the events that surrounds John, it wouldn't be as enjoyable. For those complaining about the drama, the sad stuff, yada yada, do remember that the parts you enjoy, such as when Alphy streams minecraft and dies a bunch of time would not be as good if there was a lack of angst. Though I do hope the author tone down on those, since it would push a few people away from the story. But all in all, it's really good. 

    In conclusion and as Tldr, I recommend this story to anyone who likes a balance between fluff, comedy, angst and character development.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: 161 – alfi titor – [just chatting] thank...

    This is my opinion.

    Just like a chief making delicious gourmet food for your taste buds and stomach. This story that Happy Vain Glory is writing is a delicious meal for the mind and eyes.

    It is quite a refreshing story.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: c120

    It was good up until the author forced a frustrating drama. I thought this was supposed to be lighthearted. This is the kind of authors I hate. Forcing unnecessary drama. It was great until that point. 

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: 45 – oath under snow

    tl;dr:  I expected:  a cultivator running an idol agency while his friends/sect/lovers try to get him back What I read felt like: some dude with convenient powers themed to be wuxia/xianxia-esque interferes with peoples lives and some of them end up as idols.

    If you just want to mindlessly read something and the summary is to your taste, this is fine. Not bad, not great, maybe good if slice of life is your jam. Though, if you care a bit more about the narrative, then read on.


    Technical aspects of writing were well done. No egregious spelling or conjugation errors that threw off the flow to bother me. 

    The premise is interesting and plausible (within the setting), but the execution is just shy of being clearly labeled good but qualitatively a notch or two above being bad. 

    The biggest flaw is the inconsistent portrayal of the main character. He is represented as this individual who ended up rising to achieve the Dao, is super OP, has all these insane powers, and was willing to offend anyone, but still gets caught up in stupid little problems? 

    Worse is he "snuck out", but the summary clearly shows someone see him leave and "escape". He also has people he cares about and loves, but abandoned them to end up just running an idol agency? Again inconsistent. Also, he has time travel within his power set, so couldn't he go visit Earth, then travel back and roll back time to replace himself as soon as he left? 

    That isn't to say that I dislike the story. The characters are interesting with clear desires and actions to achieve them. That counts for so much in storytelling and narrative that it makes the slice of life aspect to this enjoyable (and I generally can't stand written SoL). 

    One aspect I didn't like was how by chapter 45, we had a very small world. I don't mean we hadn't travelled throughout the Three Kingdoms and seven continents, but that everyone was related. Like sure, that does happen in small towns with 40k people or less, but when you are talking about a place like Tokyo, then it's very unlikely. 

    You could have this be due to diegetic reasons (such as karma and all that jazz), but it just seems unnecessary? Maybe it's just me, but 45 chapters in, I'd expect more than 6 principal characters that actually contribute to the story.

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