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Act & Will
Act & Will
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Jane Turner was born after her twin sister, her twin won the genetic lottery and the cosmic numbers and factors alignment and got Super Powers, she didn't. Her parents already had a boy, they wanted a little girl and stop there for their image of a perfect family, they knew and had prepared for a superpowered child thanks to precedents in their family, they hadn't planed for one more child.
The only person in her family who did not need to make an effort to remember her was her bro, she was grateful to her bro. People without their head entirely in their ass may expect Jane to be bitter for her situation, jealous of her sister or angry at her parents for the sometimes blatant favoritism and intermittent neglect, she wasn't anymore, she moved on and away.

Karrie Turner also known as Sunshine by her family and friends, as Rayonnant in her line of work and as Death Ray by her ennemies finally managed to get a vacation! (6months!!) She's still on call in case the newbies mangle it up too badly. With all her friends too busy with their work and her parents enjoying their early retirement together she accepted her elder brother's (freshly discharged for his honorable service during one of the most recent military campaigns) offer to go on a family road trip with her twin sister (true she had not seen her for a while, they were oddly distant for twins) across the country to visit tourist hotspots and distant family members!

ActionAdventureSchool LifeSlice of LifeSupernatural
Average-looking Protagonist Cold Protagonist College/University Conspiracies Contracts Enemies Become Allies Familial Love Familiars Family Family Conflict Famous Parents Famous Protagonist Fanaticism Fast Learner Fearless Protagonist Heroes Inferiority Complex Modern Fantasy Multiple Protagonists Weak to Strong
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