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/ Series / Puzzle: Theo’s Virtual Quest
Puzzle: Theo’s Virtual Quest
Puzzle: Theo’s Virtual Quest
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Children’s imagination is known to run wild, but Theo’s creative power always seems to have neither boundaries nor limits.
Due to the unableness, to go out and about in society. Theo’s father, Robert, came up with an amusing idea to keep Theo’s fictitious thinking entertained throughout this period of isolation. We journey along with Theo on his Pure Adventure around the house to track down all fifty of the hidden puzzle pieces. Witnessing the numerous difficulties, he comes across in achieving his goal of gathering every puzzle piece to complete the set.
With the aid of an advanced prototype VR headset, Theo found it in the attic where his father had hidden it. Turning Theo’s house into a whole new world to explode with his imaginary friend, Linos, and guides his mind into a Pure Imagination made him travel from feat to feat.
An odyssey that takes him to all kinds of contrasting scenes. Such as a Halloween party, a Caribbean island, a race around the Metropolis of Motor City, and more. He meets a shedload of fascinating characters that gives young Theo life lessons and morals along the mind trip.

Adventurers Beast Companions Caring Protagonist Child Protagonist Family Gamers Helpful Protagonist Magic Shy Characters Witches
  1. Chapter 2Jan 13, 2021
  2. Chapter 1Jan 12, 2021
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