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/ Series / Weeb Scientist In Another World
Weeb Scientist In Another World
Weeb Scientist In Another World
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A young scientist named Juan dreamed of going to another world. Through the novels and stories that he read, he was inspired and wished to go to another world. Obviously, unlike the novels that he read, he can't just get hit by a truck to be reincarnated or wait for the weird voice to transport him. He's a scientist after all.

For a scientist, being hit by a truck as a way to go to another world is just way too doubtful and a waiting game is no good too. That's not how scientist operates after all.

So what does he do?

Create his own portal to another world!

While he was on the other world though, the portal suddenly got a problem and stop working.

What will he do to get back?

He won't!

Luckily, this young scientist don't seem to want to go back in his original world. Even his assistant got scolded for encouraging him to go back. His dream after all is to go on another world. Why does he need to go back if he already achieved it?

This is the start of his adventure on the other world after all.

Pls give it a try and see if you like it or not.
Feel free to suggest and criticize weather it's good or not.

Adventurers Character Growth Fantasy World Gate to Another World Jack of All Trades Male Protagonist Slow Growth at Start Sword And Magic
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