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/ Series / Shamayin: Investiture of Heroes
Shamayin: Investiture of Heroes
Shamayin: Investiture of Heroes
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The Apocalypse had come. There was no natural disaster or invading aliens that dealt the finishing blow to humanity. Humanity has started to lose the ability to birth descendants. Mankind would not go out in a bang but a whimper. And on December 31, 2020, the last child of humanity, Adam, had been born.

The last birth did not signal the end, but the beginning.

All of humanity awoke to find themselves in a land of darkness. All of humanity, from the heroes of history and myth to the common man of modern day. Humans of the present and legends of the past: savage champion, merciful tyrant, cruel warriors, angelic genocider, sinful paladin, wise despots, chivalrous thief, righteous raider, and greedy hero.

All of mankind, past and present had, convened.

All stood before Shamayin, the Celestial Pillar that connects mortal and the divine. Mankind had called it many names, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, Yggdrasil, Ashwattha, Jianmu Tree. There is only one goal, a singular aspiration each and every human must accomplish. And that is to climb the Shamayin and reach the Divine Dais a the top.

Whether it is for authority, wealth, honor, or perhaps to seek the Truth. Everything will be granted at the Divine Dais.


The cover is a holdover for another story I commissioned an artist to make.

Scribbly Anniversary V2
Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Game Elements Heroes Male Protagonist Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Multiple Transported Individuals Pragmatic Protagonist Ruthless Protagonist Sword And Magic Sword Wielder Transported into Another World World Travel World Tree
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