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/ Series / Primordial Trap System
Primordial Trap System
Primordial Trap System
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4.1 (46 ratings)
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The typical story of a perverted Mc that gets run over by a car saving a little girl that he was stalking for some odd reasons out of his control. Finally reincarnating in a world filled with magic were he will become the Strongest Trap in existence.

'For some reason that girl glowed a little bit and I was curious so I followed her, maybe it was my imagination, why am I even following her, it is not like I am into little girls or anything... I may be a virgin and all... but I don't think I can be with a real woman, not that I like males either...'

AdultAdventureFantasyIsekaiLitRPGSlice of LifeSmut
Beautiful Couple Beautiful Female Lead Cross-dressing Cute Protagonist Demons Dragons Futanari Gods Immortals Level System Lucky Protagonist Male Protagonist Perverted Protagonist Poor to Rich Power Couple Sex Friends Sexual Cultivation Technique Spear Wielder
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      Status: c9
      Jan 19, 2021

      This has been a surprisingly good read so far. It doesn't fall into 'tropes' I guess you would call it, like other trap systems do. It is a well built world too, at least in my opinion. Also you can never go wrong with a futa x male read.

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      Status: c0
      Feb 4, 2021

      I would give it a 4 star because the story line is good, and the power level is good too, and I'm into Futa x Feminine Male. I took one star off because of the grammar and typo. But it's not that bad so I would have give it a 4.5 if that option was available. Keep up the good work Author. 

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