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/ Series / My World Traveling System: Divine Conqueror of Realms
My World Traveling System: Divine Conqueror of Realms
My World Traveling System: Divine Conqueror of Realms
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That day changed Frank's entire life.

He discovered that Earth wasn't as he had thought it to be.

Magic was real.

People with Abilities existed.

Powerful organizations controlled the entire world behind the scenes.

Dungeons covered the world and Monsters roamed freely, bringing chaos behind the facade of a peaceful society.

And Frank, after being hit by thunder while sleeping with his phone, awakened to his Ability, being revealed to a new world of wonders and dangers...

However, his Ability was different than anyone else, and alongside such power, came an enormous responsibility.

The Planet Earth was on the verge of death, and the only way he could save it was by... traveling to other worlds.

But amidst such a ridiculous task, would a young boy that had recently hit 17 years of age be able to do all of this?

Not only will he have to face the dangers of his homeworld, but the unpredictable ones of countless others...

He has no choice, as he has been bestowed the Title of World Traveler.

Accompany Frank on his journey to save his homeworld, and to conquer the cosmos.
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Cover from the anime Mahouka koukou no rettousei. The specific image is from the movie poster. It does not belong to me.

Academy Accelerated Growth Alternate World Antihero Protagonist Beastkin Criminals Cultivation Evil Gods Fantasy World Game Elements Gate to Another World Godly Powers MMORPG Monster Tamer Overpowered Protagonist Proactive Protagonist Romantic Subplot RPG Transported into a Game World Vampires Weak to Strong
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      Status: madness and faith go hand...
      Jan 24, 2021

      I love this story a lot, there a cute companion called Ruby (who I wish I could bring her to real life and hugs and pet her) there are some funny parts such as:"You can go now, I will call you on your dreams in two days, make sure to bring the things I asked you, such as the ‘coke soda’ and the ‘light novels’... ” said Abraddon."^ This put a big smile to my face, I can't wait for more chapters to come out

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