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/ Series / Playing With Earth Using Magic From Another World!(non-rewritten version)
Playing With Earth Using Magic From Another World!(non-rewritten version)
Playing With Earth Using Magic From Another World!(non-rewritten version)
81.8k Views 2010 Favorites 37 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 742 Readers
4.1 (34 ratings)
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Once called a genius Wizard of a glorious Kingdom, he worked to death trying to do some dirty work for nobles. It wasn't anything like what was described in books; wizards were tools for the corrupt and not heroes.

During his last breath, after being ambushed by revolutionaries, he wished for a life where he didn't have to work, a life where he can be in a position to not work under anyone at all, a life of freedom like adventurers.

Waking up, he was in another world as a baby, and in his head was some voice called System, claiming that this is reward mode and that he will be watched for entertainment by Gods. Whatever, but, why did I turn into girl?!!

p.s don't expect too much, just me messing around. Plot? What's that? Development? Nah, take a cruise missile instead.

Source: waifulab

ActionDramaFantasyGender BenderIsekaiRomanceSchool LifeSupernatural
Age Progression Alternate World Appearance Changes Appearance Different from Actual Age Arms Dealers Beautiful Female Lead Blackmail Business Management Carefree Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Cheats Child Protagonist Corruption Cunning Protagonist Female Protagonist Gate to Another World Hiding True Abilities Level System Loyal Subordinates Male to Female Misunderstandings Modern Day Multiple POV Politics Technological Gap
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 9 – actions have consequences

    An interesting read so far with lots of comedy. There is a normal progression with tasks


    , task 1 get 3 friends, task 2 blackmail the FBI, task 3 extort $100, 000 from the FBI. She also learns some good lessons from her parents and is a 9-year-old highschooler, and even gets her friends caught up!


    Besides that, the story is really funny with a bit of nonchalance from the MC, after all, she does if needed have access to some high-level magic.

    Also, although there is no fixed update schedule the author releases lots of chapters, so I am enjoying reading multiple chapters every day!


    And in the spirit of comedy

    Well, that was pointless, you can't even see all the spaces, just the words.

    So, what does the fox say!


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    Status: c29
    The story is definitely something very unique. Haven't read a story like this for a while. The premise is interesting. There are many unknowns as well. The story starts with a magician reincarnating as a girl. We get to see very interesting and to be honest hilarious comments from someone coming to Earth from a isekai like medieval setting. The comedy is so good that I cannot stop laughing.
    We haven't dived too much into magic yet, but till now, it seems to be okayish.
    However, since the author is someone new to writing, I guess you might find some logical inconsistencies, some scenes might not feel like they have enough weight to them, there is not enough buildup for many things and the progress of the story is a little haphazard such as suddenly, days, weeks or even years would pass with not much to show for. The release time line might also be affected. Overall, the story is very interesting and has a lot of potential to grow. I strongly recommend the author to re-write many of the scenes to correct that progression issue. Also, if possible, please decide upon the tone of the story.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: --

    I'm not finished yet but still, this frickin funny, this novel is incredible is a super good work, I know there people who prefers more "real" fantasy or something more complex, but this is just so funny to read, q really good work

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