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/ Series / Sappho’s Spinning Wheel: A Yuri Garden Anthology
Sappho’s Spinning Wheel: A Yuri Garden Anthology
Sappho’s Spinning Wheel: A Yuri Garden Anthology
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Once upon a time, in a distant land of lilies, 8 authors spun 8 old tales into new forms.

In the spires of the spinning wheel, a dragon-slaying saint charges headfirst into battle, seeking a prize no king can grant;
A forest nymph makes a human lord an offer too tempting to refuse, supported from the shadows by an unexpected ally;
Elsewhere, the lady “imprisoned” in the tower walks out the front door again, and a clam repays the woman who saved her life in perhaps the worst way possible.

With more than yuri to twist these once-familiar stories, is a happy ending still within reach?


“Sappho’s Spinning Wheel” is the result of the second Yuri Garden anthology event, challenging writers to adapt fairytales and folktales. To see the full list of rules applying to the stories in this collection, please read the original event information here:
Stories will be released once per day until completion at 00:01 GMT.

This collection contains:
1. pynkbites’ pulse-racing adaptation of “St. George and the Dragon”
2. Queenfisher’s thought-provoking retelling of “Thumbelina”
3. Toomanysorrows’ bold reimagining of “Her Mannelig”
4. Moonpearl’s witchy rendition of “Petrosinella”
5. jmassat’s powerful transformation of “John Henry, Steel Driving Man”
6. Maple-Leaf’s comedic edition of “The Clam Wife”
7. uwu_Nabong’s heart-wrenching adaptation of “La Xtabay”
8. thedude3445’s side-splitting parody of “Hansel and Gretel”

The fairy and glass slipper silhouettes used for the cover were created using clipart from

ComedyDramaFantasyGirls LoveRomance
Androids Animal Characteristics Artificial Intelligence Broken Engagement Collection of Short Stories Confinement Fantasy Creatures Female Protagonist Human-Nonhuman Relationship Industrialization Knights Male to Female Royalty Scheming Secret Relationship Shapeshifters Stoic Characters Transgender Witches Writers
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