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/ Series / I maxed out my stats, so why am I still a loser?
I maxed out my stats, so why am I still a loser?
I maxed out my stats, so why am I still a loser?
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Ashner has no job, no girlfriend, and no good luck on his side. Until one drunken night, he finds a door to another world. And discovers monsters drop real gold. Not to mention a leveling system that's more detail orientated than he hoped for. With a tool that can bring him money beyond his wildest dreams, he decides to get as much as he can. He'll find a way to use both worlds to obtain wealth, women, and status. But even with all that, why does his life always take the same unlucky turns?

Adventurers Alternate World Anti-social Protagonist BDSM Cautious Protagonist Character Growth Demi-Humans Elves Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Game Ranking System Gate to Another World Gunfighters Harem-seeking Protagonist Jack of All Trades Level System Magic Male Protagonist Modern Day Modern Fantasy Parallel Worlds R-18 Rich to Poor Slave Harem World Hopping
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    Status: chapter 12 – every heart’s desire

    Never left a review before but this story is amazing! Detailed plot, good character development, entertaining action scenes, good character interaction and dialog.

    Would definitely recommend.

    Keep up the great work.

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    Status: chapter 20 – justice
    It's honestly not even passable. I think it was closer to a 2.6, but I rounded up for the stars. Go figure right? It's since been dropped and I wouldn't have noticed had someone not necroed a comment of mine. Guys, I'm not trying to be negative here. My reviews serve as both a warning to readers like me and an educational tool for writers looking to improve. This is a genuine review. You can see this if you compare it to the other one. Which do you prefer to see, as a prospective reader or as a writer, a no-information five-star review or this?
    At times, the syntax is extremely poor. The author does not proofread or edit his or her own work. The chapters do not feel storyboarded, and the overall plot appears to have been made up chapter by chapter. As in, without a strategy or outline. 
    The protagonist is unlikable from the start and remains so for the majority of the novel, roughly 90% of the time, and he flatly refuses to use his own power on himself for the majority of the time.
    The story was simply too dark in places, to the point of being ridiculous. Like the polar opposite of those lucky cultivation stories? Later in the plot, the author plot armors this factor as well, but in a really forced and dumb way. It was also an odd choice to turn one of his friends early on into an Incubus and not himself. In this novel, he has some truly disturbing scenes that really worried me about direction and that I wish would have had warning of prior. If you're bothered by other males having spicy scenes besides the protagonist, you'll want to know that this occasionally happens. I skipped them, but man, that was disgusting. I had never seen that in a harem novel before and hope I don't again.
    As far as I can tell, there are no real stats. I'm not sure why he chose that name. That would have been awesome. Let's max out the stats and see what happens, right? That is wrong; that is not the novel. This novel is a jumbled hot mess of shallow concepts and strangely escalated characters. Those that did not require escalation. It's just awful.




    He begins as a typical veteran who has recently been released from prison for a crime he did not commit. He's trying to see his son, but his ex-wife, Iris, who is living with his best old ex-friend Jorge, won't let him see him, and she has a superior or holier-than-thou attitude toward him because of his felon status. At the moment, she is only seeking child support. However, our protagonist was down on his luck financially and vocationally until he discovered this strange key that allows him to travel between worlds. It's similar to the Anime Gate. Or even a little Stargate. All of this was very relatable.


    But... he was NTR'ed by Iris more than once. He was apparently in an arranged marriage. His family, it turns out, was extremely wealthy. Not at all relatable. This appeared out of nowhere. Iris isn't the middle-aged ex-wife seeking child support that we assumed and were portrayed as. No, she is the heiress to a wealthy corporation. Oh, and our protagonist's parents abandoned him. His mother became easily addicted to drugs and cheated with little provocation.


    As a result of Iris. Who also had a crush on his father and didn't want to marry him, so she did this and had someone kill the protagonist in the past. None of this was hinted at. His father sacrificed himself to a death goddess in order to resurrect our protagonist. For whatever reason, this death goddess didn't just do it for the sake of being a douche. She also bestows on Iris a superpowerful eye ability for no apparent reason and points her to a random God-killing sword, claiming that the eye ability will aid her in killing the death goddess. That is what the death goddess said... So, instead of being an heiress, Iris is a pseudo-transmigrated antagonist hellbent on killing or torturing the protagonist in the most heinous way possible.


    Oh, and that baby was never his, and blah blah blah. Can you see how confusing this is? That's the gist of it. It's like a constant unedited jumble of conscious thought. There appears to be no planning, editing, or anything of the sort. The plot is therfore extremely thin.



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