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/ Series / World of Striune: Adventures of Violet Silverbeard.
World of Striune: Adventures of Violet Silverbeard.
World of Striune: Adventures of Violet Silverbeard.
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In the mystical land of Striune, there are a number of great people who have survived harsh adversities and rose above it. This is the tale of one Violet Silverbeard, a Solar Elf who was adopted by a couple of seafaring dwarves after the loss of her family.


Hello, I am TheDwiin, the author of this story. I am writing this forward to set expectations for my story. This story is a dark fantasy novel, and may contain some scenes that can be disturbing for younger readers. I recommend that you be at least 17 for this. This story does contain scenes of intense physical violence, as well as some implied violence of sexual nature. I will not be explicit about this, nor is there any explicit sexual content.

I felt it necessary to give a heads up prior to the start of the story, beyond the normal content warning. Having said that, I hope you enjoy.

P.S. I will not promise that the chapters will have a consistent length, nor will I promise to finish the story since I currently don't have an end in my mind yet, and I only promise to try to keep the posting consistent. I will be posting here and on RR every other Wednesday.

Dark Demi-Humans Dwarfs Elemental Magic Elves Fantasy World Female Protagonist Magic Male Protagonist Multiple POV Summoning Magic Sword And Magic
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