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/ Series / Out for Karma: One Piece
Out for Karma: One Piece
Out for Karma: One Piece
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4.2 (208 ratings)
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Follow Rick as he's sent into the world of One piece by a goddess to get good Karma!
But everything didn't go as expected!
Rick was sent 2 years before Gol D. Roger's death in the body of a 4 years old!
Read how Rick's had to spent his life until he could meet the straw-hats and share their adventures!

The picture is from here: and is only temporary.

ActionAdventureComedyFanfictionHaremIsekaiMatureRomanceSlice of Life
One Piece One Piece fandom
Age Progression Alternate World Appearance Different from Actual Age Based on an Anime Caring Protagonist Character Growth Clever Protagonist Comedic Undertone Couple Growth Male Protagonist Obsessive Love Older Love Interests R-18 Slow Romance Weak to Strong Younger Love Interests
Table of Contents 123
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c30

    This story is not a story to be read from the Main characters (mc) perspective, as the author forces many things on the MC that both he and the readers both don't want. 

    As he is writing the story he wants to write even if it is seen as unnatural or forced, an example is the first major instance of forced plot is when MC is apart of Garp's crew to rescue a princess from a pirate crew.  MC runs ahead of everyone and is heavily wounded by taking out many pirates on his own, then he thinks while heavily wounded and not capable of taking more damage he can beat the captain by himself, who in a pirate crew is the strongest one. So naturally he his killed but before he dies of his wounds he uses the system to maim himself to be unable to use haki so he can live.

    Now the contrived nature of this is:

    1 Garp is one of the strongest marines that views MC as a grandson when seeing him trying to run ahead he would have chastised him to be a team player and work as a group.

    2 Garp's observational haki can cover a small town easily so he would have seen all this and been there in an instant but instead does nothing to save the MC he views as his grandson.

    3 MC is by deaths door if he takes more damage and know that garps crew, his crew is here to take down the pirate crew and save the princess, and that they are just right behind him (somehow so slow he had time to fight the whole pirate crew stealthy without them arriving) but thinks he should go and fight the captain and not leave it to the marines behind him.

    Later on in the story the readers ask why the MC did not learn any of the Rokushiki, the author said "Garp probably taught koby the moon walk and hardening. However Garp was with Rick for about 2 years, 3 at best. Considering Rick was very young and learning the six-style is hell (for the CP9, it was) maybe Garp was reluctant? Or thought that Rick wasn't ready yet."

    but in one piece Koby used Soru after training under garp for a couple months at most and after two years under garp he had mastered the Rokushiki techniques, so it is not a reason but an excuse to force the MC to be weak.

    So as I read a story from the MC perspective it is unenjoyable (1.5 stars), but if you read unattached it is an good story (4.3 stars).

    "This is not a story that goes with the flow and that I just come up with new ideas and write them. " Author's view.

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    Status: chapter 1: dawn of a new...

    Before I start with my review, let me clarify that I did try to read the story so I am confuse why it said here that my reading status is only chapter 1.

    Again.....I "DID" try to read it.... but haissst 


    The story started out great even with the confusing chapter 1. But it all goes downhill on chapter 10. I lost interest when author suddenly nerfed MC. Having MC start before Roger's death only to nerf him just so he will be the same strength with Luffy. I can not find author's logic even no matter how many times he explain it. Just plain stupidity.  What is the use of having MC 20 years of training just to be the same strength with Luffy at the start of Canon. Author seems like he don't want MC to be OP but what is happening with the story is just, haist.


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    11 Likes · Like

    All first 9 chapters, 8 of which really feels like it's One Piece, are unimportant lie, character nerfed for no real reason just for plot convenience and reasoning, both in story and meta, is very bad. Judging by other rewiew, the same stuff will happen time and time again. 

    Why use Gamer-esque system to make character weaker? 20 years to reach the level of Luffy at the start of his jorney under Garps direct training? Having brains when it's needed for cool scene, but being stupid rest of the time? 

    This story not intertaining, it's enraging. 

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    11 Likes · Like
    Status: --

    It's one of the few great one piece fanfics out there just like imbreak's (ultimate fruit) in my opinion people are very greedy with what they want some might not like the story because of certain things but if you think you can do better just do it yourself and some people will give critique because of the same thing. Keep on writing what you like and give it your all 

    Yours sincerely 

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: c31

    the story starts okay with system help at start for basic intro and gift package and then vanishes.

    Here onwards it starts going downhill like a vertical wall downhill in a free fall, 18 months as a 4 year old child who then joins marines as a 5 year old ?. He continues to make MC stupider than background characters of a chinese xinxia novels, he keeps the MC week, gives no proper training and basically makes no sense even a place like the one piece world.

    not worth reading, absolutely no sense and no direction, its not even proper wish fulfillment aside from romance with a few of the characters

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: Chapter 62: Devil Trigger II

    As of ch 62 this seems very nice for me, without  spoilers I would say:

    There are a few typos but grammar is overall good and gets corrected when pointed out. 

    The plot is nice and his years as a marine where a great experience for the reader.

    A few mistakes from the MC that might stress some people but he does not remember everything from the one piece plot just like a normal person, so this is a plus for me.

    Some jokes from the author do break my focus/immersion due to blatant 4th fall breaking  (Author! L-Leave 4th wall-chan alone!!) but it is not something that should be used to judge the work.

    You feel my review/opinion is not informative or good enough? Too bad, read the novel and do your own. ≪3

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    Status: chapter 65: i kissed a girl...

    Ok I do not write many reviews but I had to lay down my thoughts on this one.

    There are 2 milestones on this novel Ch10 and Ch29

    Ch10 Rick makes a incredibly stupid mistake which seems so stupid that it makes it seem that the author is purposefully nerfing him (which he is *cough*). 


    Rick attacks a pirate stronghold singlehandedly and almost dies. To survive he purchases a modification from the system that will give him increased regeneration and allow him to eat a second devil fruit, however in exchange he is not allowed him to use haki and have a limited lifespan


    I dropped the novel at ch10 and only to give it another chance after I saw it in trending, however I had to trudge though ch10-29.


    Rick mentions very early he intended to join the Strawhats. Seeing him build relationships and manipulate them though his acting skill only knowing he fully intended to betray them once the time came put a horrible taste in my mouth. 


    After 29 is great and I binge read that sh*t like an addiction. I pulled an all-nighter even tho I knew I had graveyard shift in the morning. 

    While I wouldn't say he is well balanced for his team. He also doesn't try to show them up. He supports the other characters and allows them to develop as people and pirates. 

    His harem was built well though action and feelings, rather then the harems you see in other novels where women flock to them just because cuz they exist. 

    This novel is great if you can make your way through the the marine training.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: c0

    my take on the story is that if you ignore some of the idiocy the MC does then you will have an interesting story to read! For example he spent ten years doing nothing simply to have the same level of strength as luffy at the beginning of the story. That was ridiculous! Second ridiculous thing when he went to choose his second fruit instead of picking a strong fruit or at least hoping to have a strong one available he chose one that is similar to nico robin's. The funniest part of this is that the author completely ignored the fact that when a Devil Fruit is eaten, it completely modifies the user's body! That is, if the user has an incurable disease and eats an akuma no mi, he can be cured!! This happened to the law! Ie when the MC bought the artificial body he had little time to live but when he ate the first akuma no mi it should have been fixed!!

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 10: i will survive [r-18]

    The story is amazing. Frick everyone else who is made about the no Haki part. The author wants a long and intreseting story so let him have it. It is a refreshing view from other one piece fan fics. Plus with no Haki for now he can fully focus on honing his devil fruit ability and his other aspects.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 111: you know nothing, silver...

    Normally I don't write reviews but this is a really good story. I actually like how Rick doesn't want to prevent the others from growing stronger by putting himself into the main fights, and let's the story proceed as it should with a few changes here and there. Hopefully author if you see this you're writing or planning to write more chapters soon.

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