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World of Women
World of Women
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In a world where 99.9% of all men were wiped out and future births only had a 0.1% chance of being male, the role of men in society became that of celebrities graciously donating their seed to the masses. With the world population declining, pregnancy has become a social status, affording women government assistance, health insurance, and citizenship should they find a man to bless them with seed. With an only 1 in a 1000 chance of finding a guy, many women will do anything it takes to get close to a man and become pregnant. And should those women bear a male, it’s like winning the lottery, the remainder of their lives set as they receive massive stipends and no responsibility but to nurture their sons. Clyburn was reincarnated into such a world. Can a former unsuccessful business man properly navigate a female-centric world full of woman who just want to use him for his seed? With an overprotective mother, two caring sisters, and the memories of another world, he might just.

Incest Modern Fantasy Pregnancy Reincarnated into Another World Reverse Rape Slaves
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Table of Contents
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    New StygianStyx
    Status: chapter 31

    The story is extreamly good until you get to about chapter 15 or so then you keep reading hoping it will go back to how it was only for it to pretty much cement that it will never happen.

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    0 Likes · Like
    Status: c28


    1. Decently described scenes

    2. Interesting world

    3. There is character development. (MC and others)  


    1. Gets raped several times and doesn't learn how to protect himself. Probably a plot device. 

    2. Learns magic is real and hasn't tried to learn. 

    3. Outside of the drama you find basically nothing. 

    4. The drama is too unrealistic and dumb. 


    Bunch of gangsters who steal, rape, do drugs and all that, decide that they don't want to be like that anymore because they saw the MC have s*x. Really... How exaggerated is that. The gangsters were all like "So that's what true love is like", and decide they don't want to rape people anymore. Check which chapter I stopped at. I was hoping it'd get better but this is too stupid for me.


    5. Starts making decisions based on feelings (horny ones mostly) and ignorance. Remember he's 40+ years old. 

    6. You can tell that some stuff only happens that way because the author is forcing it. 

    7-100. MC with 40+ years of experience is very VERY dumb. Tortuously so. Extremely dumb. So so dumb that I made a review. If you can't stand this and typical plot armor this is not for you. This is like one those mass produced Chinese novels but with more s*x. 

    I hope this helps save time for some of you. There should be much better stuff out there. 

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    86 Likes · Like
    Status: gave up around v4

    I actually read this on his website. The first novel sets up the series and was the reason I subbed. It's an isekai incest-harem romp. The MC is in his mid thirties, his wife cheats on him, he divorces her and drinks himself to death. He repeatedly insisted the story wouldn't have ntr. And the author seems to love writing ntr.



    The worst thing that could have happened to this series ended up happening: success. He decided he was going to add magic to the isekai world, very suddenly and did so in the second volume. The girls were constantly being used as ntr bait. In fact one girl is literally raped by an ntr antagonist and the MC is framed for it. But not only is he framed for it, by her own testimony she consented to have s*x with him willingly. The mc's sister, makes the brilliant decision to be knowingly date raped to teach him some kind of lesson for his own good and then apologize for it? She's even referred to as "the slut queen" because she knows so much about s*x? She got penetrated by the MC for like 20 seconds. You're telling me the whole college she's the only one with that much experience donning her the title "slut queen?" OK, so at this school a professor rapes a girl explicitly in front of the boys to teach them how women are sluts. All of the guys lose any interest. But apparently despite her being called "the slut queen" the MCs sister is constantly being pursued as ntr-bait.

    He CONSTANTLY, and I mean CONSTANTLY makes the MC wear women's clothing and get hit on by other guys. And it doesn't even make sense. He established what was s*xy on earth is s*xy here, so when the MC works out and becomes a handsome guy, he's somehow still a beautiful woman when he dresses like a woman?


    Before I rant about volume 3 I wanna stop to talk about what happened in Hollywood for a while. Did you guys remember that time movies all of a sudden started taking place in China? The Hangover, Need for speed, Independence day. Why did the plot always seem to steer them in that direction, when previously it was normally taking place in USA? Well, hollywood noticed a massive moviegoer turnout in Chinese audiences if the movie took place on their soil and had Chinese characters. This could be billions in profit with minimal costs.

    He did some infographics to find out where his story was most popular. Indonesia was pretty big.

    So he figured, "why not cater this story to the places it's most popular outside the states."


    The plot starts out where he is mandated by the state to go to another country on a yacht and f**k women there. So what does he do when pirates take over the boat and a musclehead wants to femdom him? He decides to sneak out, mess around with the engine of the boat (brilliant idea) and ends up accidentally blowing himself up, as well as other people.

    Then in a nearby country a witch apparently took his soul and put it into the body of another boy, the prince of an obviously indonesian country. And what does he do when he sees his love interest? He literally rapes her in the body of some other guy. He literally took his own love interests virginity and brought her to orgasm in the body of a guy he didn't know. The author thought this was comedy gold and says "did I just ntr myself?!" And to everyone's horror, she got pregnant.

    Now, get this. What does the MC decide to do when he finds out how dangerous everything is? He decides "I'm going to flee this dangerous palace with assassins despite the fact that there are loyal guards who will save me at a moments notice. I'm going to run around unprotected in a dangerous area. Then after getting dressed up in drag (like he does every f**king volume, because the author seems to love crossdressing,) he gets captured and enslaved and has all this tiresome femdom sh*t for 70% of the entire volume.

    Cause that's the point of the story isn't it? The MC working tirelessly to serve another woman and give head to them because he was enslaved by them.

    In all his other stories, when people confront him on how the protagonist is making the most stupid decisions anyone can make the common answer is "he's a teenager, of course he's going to make dumb decisions." Yet here, he's a 35 year old guy reincarnated with an adult mindset, 5 years later he should have the maturity of a 40 year old, yet he acts like more of a child then when he was literally isekaid as a child. The plot was contrived and everytime he f**ked one of his girls people in the comments section cringed about how they were bothered. Looking back I think he deleted a few of them.

    He ended up haphazardly retconning his harem getting impregnated by another guy (high IQ idea) by saying it's the soul of the main character actually impregnating women.

    The whole backstory of the MC was how he felt miserable that he couldn't have kids and how frustrated he was in his wife having s*x with another guy, now he's literally controlling that other guy in first person!


    The criticism on this volume was so one dimensionally extreme he actually admitted, he came to hate his own story and novel. He was so utterly disappointed, and apparently it cost him alot of support, especially with Indonesians who thought it was an african country. I'm not saying that to insult the author. I'm saying this because you can actually see it in the next novel. It's like he's outright explaining he hates the novel and wants to watch the whole of it burn.


    The next volume was almost worse, with constant ntr bait as usual. He decides to kill his own sperm, f**k a girl into knocking her out then putting some other guys sperm in her. Cause that's totally what we readers wanted right?

    The country is in chaos, men are coming in holes desperate for s*xual release, a handful of luckier guys live in gilded cages like the MC.

    The sister is the heaviest ntr bait in the story, to an extreme. Where she implies she's moved on and is f**king other people. At one point another character says "my brother is helping. It turns out he's not as bad as you might think." Keep in mind, her brother literally tried to rape her a couple volumes ago. A guy actually mentioned this in the comment section, pointing out she obviously either promised or did something for her brother to get him to help. The author, surprisingly responded to that comment. He said, "yeah, but do you really expect her to tell the MC that?"

    Again, I'm not reviewing the author. I don't even dislike the author. I'm reviewing what he said about the story and characters, and that's why I don't like them.


    I think I gave up around that point, completely disgusted with the series. What was once a harem story about a guy questing for 100+ wives, became some degenerate ntr bait with magic and a feminist political commentary. I once really liked and cared about the story, so watching the MC degenerate into an idiot to contrive drama was actually really sad.

    EDIT: Oh, and get this. Here's the news on how he's planning to recapture the original magic of this story. He's going to make a prequel with a futa protagonist. Lol...

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    28 Likes · Like
    Status: volume 2 – chapter 4

    Here's the main reason why I think this novel is poor at best: The author did not decide the tone and direction of it, and although he did have a somewhat clear idea of what he wanted in the beginning, based from the execution, it seems more like he's writing as he goes without planning anything.

    Now, the author – Whatsawhizzer – is someone with a lot of experience writing webnovels, being quite successful at least according to the number of patrons he has. I haven't read his other novels, but from the quality of his writing, I can tell he's no beginner and that his success is not unfounded. So, he clearly isn't dumb; someone unexperienced who would write their random thoughts and string them together in the form of an isekai novel. That's why it's so jarring to see the absolute mismatch of tones this has; does it want to be a dark, suspense/ psychological terror novel? Does it want to be a silly smut? A comedy? A profound political satire? Nah, let's mix them all together in the same chapter for no reason. Mind you, that many of these themes can work with each other, but not when they're just thrown into the mix without consideration for both the message you're delivering and the audience who's receiving that message. In short, it ends up reading like a confusing, rambling mess that puts off every potential audience.

    I'm fine with it being a trashy, overly-dramatic smut, but I genuinely believe that the real story the author wanted to tell was different. The dark aspect of it is what he thought should be the core message of the novel, or at least it's what I'm getting. And, holy sh*t I really liked that idea, what he attempted to say by subversing the primordial male fantasy – the last man on earth f**ks all the women – to criticize both the idea, and execution of gender roles, relationships of power in general, society, and so on. Sadly, with what I said before, with the tones being all over the place, the message gets lost. The MC condemns the unfairness of the world that oppresses men and treats them like cattle, but at the same time, he gets to f**k every woman he wants, benefitting from the same system. Then, alright, what if that was the oh-so-deep critique? On volume one the MC doesn't attempt to change or do anything against the system, in fact, he just digs his own metaphorical grave for no reason other than being a smut with dumb contrived drama. He gets raped. Oh no! How unfair the world is! Then, in the next chapter, he's just eating some girl's pu**y for no reason other than he wanted to. What I read of volume 2, however, is what I feel like it's the attempt of the author to turn that around – the MC is practicing martial arts, grew some balls, and the author shows that men aren't as oppressed as they seem, both genders take advantage and harm each other, criticizing the balance of power in gender relationships. In other words, it's not like men are bad or women are bad, there's simply sh*tty people. Unfortunately, according to the other reviews, I can't count this as the saving grace of the novel, when I can tell the author just plans to force some weird drama and some kinky s*x for no reason, and hurt the message again.

    Edit: now that I'm midway through volume 2, I can definitely say it's way more infuriating. The MC is so intentionally obtuse that it just leaves me speechless. The only source of "dark and serious" conflict in this story is derived from the MC being conveniently dumb to get him into all these problems. I seriously don't understand why the author wasted his time and talent in this. So disappointing, really.

    In short, unless you're a masochist, I can't recommend it. If you want a mindless smut to wank off to it, then there are better ones for that purpose; if you want some dark subversion of a common trope, then there are better ones for that purpose.

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    23 Likes · Like
    Status: V3C8

    I feel this story started out well. The plot is definitely interesting: it tries to turn the male fantasy world of "1-man-to-1000-women" on its head, painting a dark picture of the lives of characters in one such world. Its characters felt fleshed out, each having distinct personalities and motivations. The prose is well wrtten, with only the occasional grammatical error and nothing too jarring. 

    However, near the end of Volume 2 the plot started going off the rails. Characters are killed just to maintain the "mystery". Old problems are shafted aside for bigger ones. There is little to no form of resolution for the events that happen. 

    Volume 3 seems like a huge mess as well, at least till the point I read up to.

    While this story had a strong start, it seems more and more like the author has run out of ideas for how the story should progress, and is now throwing out random ideas and forcing them to fit.


    (Edit) Warning: there is NTR in Vol 1, and maybe Vol 3, depending on how you see it.


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    16 Likes · Like
    Status: c30

    Came for a some nice harem story, instead of s*x scenes most of time I got fed with crappy drama, cliches, and MC who tries to look smarter than typical harem MC. Spoiler: looking smarter didnt help, he's still dumb as f**k. MC is an asshole and smart (at lest tries to look smart) always but when he needs to be at least smarter than a hamster (like this situation with his sister)

    Would I recommend it? Probably no, but if you're into cringey drama, incest, shotacon and bad s*x scenes then yes, I would recommend it.

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    15 Likes · Like
    Status: c22

    This series is excellently written. I knida rolled my eyes at first when I saw the premise and the "s*xual content" and "smut" tags on it. Of course, smut series are always going to get a high number of views and favorable ratings. It's just human nature to like that kind of stuff, whether we like to admit it or not.

    I was genuinely surprised though when I started reading. Most smut series I've ever seen just circle around the s*xual content. This series, however, centers around exploring the premise. A premise which will inevitably generate s*xual content, but also generates a LOT of other stuff in terms of how it affects all of society.

    The effects this 99.9% female population, 0.1% male population dynamic creates are REALLY not conducive to a well functioning society. If any man ever had a fantasy of being in this scenario, this series will shatter all those fantasies and make this the last thing you would ever want to have happen to yourself. The warnings others have given about this being a very dark series are true.

    Overall, if you have the stomach for some of the genuinely darkest psychological torment you have ever experienced to the point it will literally make you sick to your stomach just reading it (I actually vomited yesterday after a binge of the unreleased chapters on the writer's site, can't say for sure whether or not what I was reading was responsible because it genuinely could be) then I would DEFINITELY recommend giving this a read. It is some of the best writing I've ever seen. The mere fact it can do that sort of thing to me in the first place means it's well written. The fact I still want to keep reading afterward means it's a very compelling story. Just go in warned, it is not going to be a pleasant ride.

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    10 Likes · Like
    Status: volume 3 - chapter 30

    What started out as a pretty cool set up quickly devolved into nonstop soap opera level drama that made little to no sense. 

    I did keep reading because I thought it was pretty funny honestly, but I cant keep forcing myself to read it anymore.


    He killed off {in my opinion} the two of the really interesting characters Ashley and Rebecca) neither got enough screen time (writing time? idk)


    The MC is unbelievably dumb: most of the sh*t he gets himself into can easily be avoided and or solved by doing one thing... LOCK THE f**kING DOORS... no matter how many times people walk in on him the MC never locks any doors. Not counting hes age from the past life his current age is like 16-17 and the dude still can't remember to lock a door.

    Go ahead and read it. Its an "interesting" read to say the least. I would honestly stop like the chapter after the whole lawsuit arc is over after that it kinda just throws logic out the window and the author just starts to throw random sh*t in for little to no reason.

    The s*x scenes are pretty good ngl

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    9 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 22

    Very well written s*x and a variety of characters to add flavor.

    But the MC who starts out somewhat intelligent and brings his old life experiences into it seems to disappear after a few chapters. All we're left with is the 12 year old brain which makes stupid mistake after stupid mistake.

    I get that there are mitigating factors like the f**ked up culture of the world but the frequency of bad decisions and selective ignorance is too much. Drama isn't bad. But a lack of satisfying resolutions before introducing more drama just makes this story masochistic to read.

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    9 Likes · Like

    It was entertaining for 2 chapters, mildly interesting for 10 more chapters, and complete garbage by chapter 18. Every single character is psychotic in some way, with no straight-man character to act as audience surrogate. The drama is extremely forced and only makes sense if everyone involved is a complete idiot incapable of forming coherent thoughts. It's really, really, really bad, just skip this one.

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    7 Likes · Like
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