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Soulbound Breaker (HIATUS)
Soulbound Breaker (HIATUS)
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In the late 1990s, a group of spiritual dimension explorers attempted to access the Akashic Plane, the place where all thoughts and events of reality are recorded: past, present, and future. Something went terribly wrong with their quest and they were pulled deeper into the Dark Plane. They had been trapped, bound to the worst demon of all. Now the next generation must find a way to liberate their guild from the eternal curse. Even if it means sacrifices and tragedies in exchange for finding the true Soulbound Breaker.

WARNING: Multiple Arcs. Multiple POVs. R-18 (sexual content, strong language, sensitive topics, dark/disturbing scenes). I do not intend to preach or offend anyone's beliefs with some of the viewpoints discussed here. The story is set in the Philippines but I’ve tweaked some elements to better tell my story.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The characters, plot, settings, and concepts used here are all works of fiction. COVER PHOTO NOT MINE.

FOR OLD READERS: I decided to broaden the scope of the narrative and move the timeline since the story I want to write is more complex than I realized. The arc you've already read and some characters will be edited to better fit the plot. The Blackout premise will be covered within a different timeline.

Adventurers Brotherhood Charismatic Protagonist Conditional Power Contracts Dark Demons Friendship Ghosts Guilds Hell Interdimensional Travel Late Romance Modern Fantasy Multiple POV Mysterious Past Mystery Solving Playful Protagonist Possession Precognition Psychic Powers Soul Power Special Abilities Thriller Unrequited Love
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