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F Rank Dungeon King
F Rank Dungeon King
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At one point during the history of humanity, things changed drastically. Magic was revealed to have always existed, lying under our eyes but remaining unseen.

While that energy strenghtened humanity, it also brought it's load of calamities in the form of pocket dimensions whose gates opened all over the world. Those dimensions named dungeons were the very spark that created the golden age of humanity, an age in which anyone who could use magic could become anything.

However some people decided that they wanted more power, more money, more everything. Those people were named the Hunters, greedy madmen entering dungeons in search of exciting adventures and tons of treasures.

One particular Hunter living in Korea just so happened to find himself inside a dangerous dungeon for a high-paying job. Instead of fighting anyone inside , he merely assisted the actual hunters who did the work and ended up finding himself in quite the impossible situation. That was the birth of a hunter with his very own dungeon, one that he obtained through a cowardly mean.

So now, what happens when a despicable human being is given way too much power and gets liberated from any shackles ?

Antihero Protagonist Dungeon Master Enemies Become Allies Hunters Kingdom Building Non-human Protagonist Poor to Rich Selfish Protagonist Weak to Strong
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