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/ Series / Saga of Tama the Immortal
Saga of Tama the Immortal
Saga of Tama the Immortal
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"What do you mean you're immortal?!"
"I mean... I can't stay dead for long..."
"Well that's just overpowered, isn't it?"
"Except a chihuahua with arthritis could beat me in a fight, if I wasn't able to run away"

It's said that a good cultivation story ends with the main character gaining immortality. Well, I say that that's boring, we all know the main character is going to survive everything, it's just a matter of how. Instead, why not start where most stories end? Well, I can't say that being weak isn't captivating in its own way; let's start there. Hated by the heavens, as is the cliche standard, what else... Broken engagement? Worry not, felines don't have to deal with the hassle of engagements nor the shame of a broken one.

What should an immortal cat do with his life? Simply finding fish to eat is hard enough, and now he's got to push past the limitations the heavens cursed him with? Well, what's a death or two to a cat that wants his fish, especially if it's a cat with more than nine lives. Eating tasty fish is the most important thing in the world after all. And he's got all the time in the world to find the best fish of them all.


(Author's info/comments about the subject) First off, I write whenever I have time and am not dealing with my numerous health issues, so... I write kinda slowly and sporadically. As such, instead of giving you a single chapter and then nothing for perhaps over a month (when - not if, when - I get worse again), updates will come in batches, whenever I finish an arc. Expect some large gaps (several months, half a year or more is not unlikely) between batches.

Put under Fantasy, might be more like Xianxia, but I wanted to be safe, as I'm not too familiar with the genres. Always looking for suggestions of tags I've missed. Some of the other tags (heavenly tribulation, for example) won't play a role until two or more arcs in, further than I've written at the time of writing this description, but I've got a pretty detailed outline for most of that at least.

Also, sorry for the formatting for dialogue, I just can't stand writing the '"blah blah blah," he said' format, it just doesn't make sense nor does it ever look right to me. Go figure.

Anniversary Competition
Alchemy Androgynous Characters Appearance Different from Actual Age Assassins Cheats Childish Protagonist Cultivation Familiars Genius Protagonist Heavenly Tribulation Hiding True Identity Immortals Lack of Common Sense Male Protagonist Multiple Realms Non-humanoid Protagonist Personality Changes Pill Concocting Sentient Objects Seven Deadly Sins Shapeshifters Slow Growth at Start Soul Power Time Skip Weak to Strong
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