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Reject Humanity, Return to Monke
Reject Humanity, Return to Monke
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The MC of the story. A regular guy killed in an unfortunate accident, then gets reincarnated with a system into a Dungeon Master as a monkey (gorilla). He just wants a peaceful life, but being a Dungeon Master has given him a target on his head, so to live a peaceful life without a care in the word, he would first need to build up his dungeon, and make sure that no one could beat (kill) him.



[Gorilla Body] Lv 7
[Inhumane Endurance] Lv 7
[Gorilla Go Smash!] Lv 4
[Gorilla Fighting Tech] Lv 3
[Earth Manipulation] Lv 4
[Apprentice Mana Manipulation] Lv 2
[Blacksmithing] Lv 1
[Fire Manupulation] Lv 1


The first gorilla Jionni summoned. He is gruff, kind, and caring to his fellow team, as well as his master, but if an enemy dares try to attack and disrupt their peace, he would stand up and fight till his dying breath.

Chia, Chip, and Chin

The three first chimpanzees Jionni summoned to help defend the dungeon. The three of them are mischievous, and would do anything to either annoy Gong, or Manny to get a good laugh. They will also fight to the death if their peace is disturbed.


The first mandrill Jionni summoned to help defend the dungeon. He is mostly silent, and will only mind his own business, ignoring most of the banters of his fellow monkeys, but he respects and is extremely loyal to his master who gave him life, as well as teach him some stuff to better defend their home.


The team leader of the Hunter party, Last of Abandonment. He cares deeply for his team, but his lover, Kayla, takes most of his attention. He has ash-blonde hair, blue eyes, and a relatively youthful face. He isn't too skinny, nor too buff. He wields a sword and shield combo, although his shield is relatively larger for defending against attacks from huge monsters.


Member of the Hunter party, Last of Abandonment. Lover of Lennon, and their main damage dealer. She has brown hair styled in a ponytail, reddish-brown eyes and an ever-present smirk as part of her mischievous personality. She may be distracting at times, but when in a serious situation, she knows how to quickly switch her mindset at the flip of a button.

She wields a saber in one hand, and a semi-automatic magical handgun on the other that fires expensive magic bullets.

Mariona and Merethyl Yelhana

Twin elf sisters that were kicked out of their home for being born twins. In this world, elf twins were taboo in elf culture, and thus, abandoned in a city or settlement orphanage. The both of them lived harsh lives, until they joined with the Hunter team Last of Abandonment, led by Lennon.

Mariona is the elder sister, while Merethyl is the younger, but Mariona acts younger then her tw el. Merethyl is mostly the one who keeps her sister in check, but one can't deny that both of them really love each other, even more than just family.

Mariona is adept at using a bow and arrow, while Merethyl is gifted at mana manipulation, although both of them still have a long way to go to reach the top.

Fun Fact: Mariona is an incredibly lusty elf that sometimes humps her pillow at night.

Grurnuir Opalfeet

A dwarf exiled from his country for a crime he didn't commit. He joined with the Last of Abandonment a few years later after working his ass off in a mine near a settlement. He may be privy to his past, but one can't deny that he is an incredibly friendly guy, who banters with his friends, and sometimes find a good drink, often times saving their skin from a threat.


A Demon raised in a human continent. Shunned everywhere, made a slave, and became an unwilling soldier in a war a few decades ago. One cannot deny his experiences in the battlefield, but a curse prevents him from growing too much, leaving him capped at D-level Hunter strength.

He joined the Last of Abandonment due to finding some kindred spirits in the elf twins, and can't help but tease the both of them from time to time. His looks are fairly youthful, but the scars marring his body and face paints a difference picture all together.

Bentley Shaiydon

The governing lord of Kazanpan City. Kind, benevolent, and generous, he is beloved by most of the citizens living within Kazanpan's walls.

A father of two, he is caring and loving towards his family. But don't be mistaken, he may be a doting father, but he is also a skilled talker and politician.

Luke Gardner

5th son of the Gardner Barony, Luke left his home once he came of age because there was nothing left in his old home for him. His father even approved of him leaving, saying to go make his own story out in the world.

He journeyed forth, through the continent, then found himself serving a friend he knew back in the noble academy after dropping out, Lord Shaiydon. 

Aubert and Sophia Shaiydon

Children of the Bentley Shaiydon, these two children are so energetic, a lot of maids complain about aching backs and ankles. These two children are lively, and caring to those they consider friends or family.

But they aren't completely innocent, since they know what was to come after eavesdropping on one of their father's phone call.


A bustling city located within the Eastern part of the Arcelon Kingdom. It is not a really huge city, but huge nonetheless. Their main source of income are the crops and plants they grown out in the field, as well as some alchemy ingredients found within the forest east of the city.

The city has standard technology, a.k.a. electricity, magical circuitry, and internet signal. Kazanpan also has a branch of the world-renowned Hunters Association, with one of the highest ranked teams currently within the city an A-ranker Hunter team.

The city is governed by the noble family Shaiydon, which has a reputation for being generous lords. The city has a tight security detail, and also a low-crime rate, thanks to the efforts of the lord, as well as the manager of the Hunter Association branch.

All in all, this city is one of the most respectable city you would ever enter if you plan to visit.

Arcelon Kingdom
The Kingdom where the royal family of Arcelon rules. The King is an upstanding man, but the same couldn't be said for some of his descendants.

The Kingdom is currently in a very precarious situation, with a bunch of political deals going on behind doors, on the brink of a possible civil war, as well as an incoming monster surge.

All in all, the Arcelon kingdom is heading towards it darkest days.

Slakaston Empire

An empire bordering the Kingdom of Arcelon. Not much is known currently, only that their crown prince is engaged with the 2nd princess of the Arcelon Kingdom.

Magical Firearms

Range weapon for Hunters at an average level, or used by the army of countries. The usefulness of these firearms directly correlate to what kind of bullet was loaded. Bullets are incredibly expensive, as such, only a minority of Hunters use them due to the cost and effect ratio.

Let it be known that normal magic bullets are significantly weaker than gunpowdered fueled ones, due to the mana coating it dispersing overtime.

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