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Dry & Dead
Dry & Dead
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Rascal Squad, a squad known for misfits that most in the military doesn’t see much potential in them since they were worst of all the squads. They were sent to complete missions on the behalf of the Beluto Government while encountering dangers and raiders.

You have a silver-tongue devil with hot temper to match, a smart alack with a deadly precision and sharp wit, a street-punk cool as a cucumber but brutal in the art of street fighting and Overachiever with a mysterious power that only a few would know

When a major threat arise that threaten the wastelands and civilization, who would have thought that these unlikely heroes would be the wastelands' last line of defense.

Will they survive and become the best or fail and be forgotten?

The novel will be on MoonQuill, Webnovel & Royal Road.

Army Character Growth Magic Military Multiple Protagonists Post-apocalyptic Special Forces Survival Weak to Strong
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