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Lost and Found
Lost and Found
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A 28-year old forest ranger, having been working in his state's national forest, begins to hear a mysterious voice. One day he, having been hearing the voice in his head for months, makes his way back home from work to discover something amiss. He is chased out into the forest by a ghostly flame and encounters the origin of the voice. After a brief conversation with the apparition, he is sapped of his energy and dies.

Despite this, the ranger awakens in the body of a tiny fairy girl. Now a she, Evetta is given the heavy task of stopping the elementals that have been wreaking havoc throughout the world. Evetta's journey proves to be more hazardous than originally thought as she encounters terrifying beasts, fairy hunters, and deadly weather.

How will the newborn fairy overcome these obstacles, while discovering who she really is?

ActionAdventureComedyDramaFantasyGender BenderIsekai
Adventurers Age Regression Alternate World Appearance Changes Appearance Different from Actual Age Beasts Character Growth Cute Protagonist Demi-Humans Doting Parents Elemental Magic Fairies Fantasy World Female Protagonist Magic Male to Female Matriarchy Non-human Protagonist Overprotective Siblings Personality Changes Race Change Reincarnated into Another World Royalty Saving the World Sharing A Body
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