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/ Series / The Lazy Hungry Giantess LitRPG
The Lazy Hungry Giantess LitRPG
The Lazy Hungry Giantess LitRPG
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She's sentient, formless, and floating through the black void. It's a serene experience. No worries. No hunger. No abuse. But then an excitable message prompt called the System arrives. It wants her to do things and it won't leave her alone.

Soon enough, our girl finds herself awaken with a tall, strong, and curvy form. It's a body she'll love to enjoy while relaxing. Unfortunately, there's this thing called hunger. And quests. And monsters. And people who want to control her... or slay her.

This is the LitRPG tale of a troubled giantess acquiring power so she can defend her nap time and eat the things that want to hurt her. She might even make friends along the way while she stumbles into tiresome (but sometimes delicious) misadventures of mayhem.


Chapters 1-16 are the Tutorial Arc. They're a little silly, but it sets up some good drama for the future.

We're currently in the Exploration Arc. This Arc expands upon the world and sees Rhonda grow in unique, unexpected ways.

ActionAdultAdventureComedyDramaFantasyIsekaiLitRPGMartial Arts
Antihero Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Bisexual Protagonist Cannibalism Crazy Protagonist Determined Protagonist Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Female Protagonist Gore Lazy Protagonist Medieval Overpowered Protagonist Psychopaths RPG Strong to Stronger Survival System Administrator Transmigration
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