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/ Series / So What If I’m The Villainess?
So What If I’m The Villainess?
So What If I’m The Villainess?
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A 27-year-old, stubborn and arrogant cop dies after fighting off a criminal in the city port. She gets reincarnated into a web comic story as a villainess named Roanne Imrora.

In the original story, Lady Roanne was labelled a traitor for scheming with an enemy kingdom and trying to kill the heroine who caused her broken engagement with the first prince of Valbara.

Eunice finds herself reincarnated as her, halfway into the story. She must face the consequences to being Roanne and avoid death from both monarchies.


Authors note: I'm not used to backlogging and I have a habit of editing/updating my posted chapters at the last minute. I tend to see my mistakes in grammar and cohesiveness only after three hours or even a day of re-reading them so please be aware of some changes when I post a new chapter hehe 😅

Archery Aristocracy Broken Engagement Cautious Protagonist Contracts Cross-dressing Empires Firearms Kingdoms Late Romance Love Rivals Magic Multiple POV Nobles Politics Proactive Protagonist Secretive Protagonist Slow Romance Spies Strategist Sword Wielder Tomboyish Female Lead Transmigration Villainess Noble Girls Wars
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