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Fools Gold Artificer Kooky
Fools Gold Artificer Kooky
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Our main protagonist, and narrator. She is a kobold artificer, focusing on supporting her allies, confusing enemies, and blasting people with her arcane turret and firearm. 

Kooky's scales are very slightly reflective, and are like pyrite in color, with small splashes of darker coloration. She effectively looks like a kobold made out of unblemished copper and gold. She has 3 horns on top of her head, all on the right side of her head and pointing in different directions. The furthest back horn is the largest, while the middle horn is the smallest. Her eyes are a deep, solid purple, as is the color of most of her spells.


A half-elf who finds herself assisting a very strange kobold in reacquiring the fuel for the airship she was traveling on. Maya seems very serious when it comes to work, but will find time to have fun in safety. 


Originally dislikes Kooky, but they'll warm up to each other.


A full-blooded elf who has somehow left the safety of his home, in order to find something no one knows about anymore. Being a cleric in a world who's gods are believed to have all died brings him a certain amount of respect from those who find out, as it is his will alone that rouses the vestiges just enough to grant him his magic. 


The gods of Del-Atar are powerful, albeit not entirely gods. The Sentinals have left Del-Atar for some reason or another, either dying, or truly leaving for elsewhere, letting their clerics and churches weaken and grow sparse amidst the chaos. They are more akin to progenitors of various races, having been the first, and the makers of them. True, they did spin the world from dust, but not all of the world was made by them. The Elders can attest to that.


A race not originally created by any god, but by reality itself twisting into a form matched by those the gods had spun. Elders are extremely powerful, having been molded by powerful magic into the aberrations that they are, despite their humane appearance. They've recently began expanding their borders after having been silent observers for all of their existence, and no one knows why.

Tallow Jox

An exceptionally powerful dragonborn wizard, who focused on forgotten magics. Tallow has many regrets in his life, and many of which he would never tell Kooky. His failure to teach her wizardry is one of them, but he was overjoyed nonetheless that she was able to learn artifice from him. He saved all he could from his mistakes, and tried to make amends by teaching Kooky all he could before he died, so that she would enjoy a long life just as he did.


A form of soft metal not yet refined into either fuel or crafting reagents. Can imprison spirits who are not naturally found on the world in which Spirit-ore forms.

Glasses of Oliott

A pair of seemingly mundane glasses, that bind to an individual who desires to keep them. On that individuals death, the glasses can be passed to another. The glasses curse the wearer, and cause a constant drain on their vitality until removed for a minimum of one year, in which their vitality begins to slowly be restored. The benefit for such a dangerous curse, is the ability to see the soul(s) of whatever the wearer looks at. Gods, demigods, liches, dragons, abominations, cosmic beings, anything that lives and thinks, can never hide themselves from the sight these glasses provide.


A rather unkempt town in modern times, Bardling was once a massive trade city that was built atop a mine for iron and Spirit-ore. The mine has since run dry, but the city still prospers, if only by the trade between the capital and the refugee camp further to the southeast.


The capital city of Vizagen, thousands of miles away the Elders mountain range, is a city of gnomish bureaucracy and invention. Although most buildings are built for taller races, everything is usually sized just slightly bigger than gnomes are, causing the slightest discomfort for other races to live within Shadlings arcane walls. The city is ruled by a council of gnomes, whose positions has been passed down from teacher to student, or better explained, councilor to attendant, for thousands of years. Of course, they are not the official councilors of Shadling, as they do not own and are not attuned to the designated sigils of office. They simply run stuff until the sigils can be returned and the real council can be reformed, whenever that will happen.

The Unnamed City.

Kooky's egg had been found by a Dragonborn  wizard named Tallow Jox during a massive cave in of an underground city. After rescuing her egg, Tallow Jox raised Kooky for twenty-four years, before dying of natural causes. The Unnamed City had seemingly existed for hundreds of thousands of years, without ever being placed onto any known map, with at least hundreds of every sentient race living within it's streets and homes. 

Refugee Camp

The refugee camp Kooky grew up in was a hotspot of trade and crime, although the latter was often out of her fathers line of sight. Traders came from neighboring countries to sell food and supplies, and acquire vassals or apprentices from the less fortunate, or simply came to meet the legendary Tallow Jox, and maybe pay for a magic item to be created. This, is how Kooky learned her craft, as while her father created magic items, she repaired and maintained the airships that came in. She wasn't the best at it, but gaining 20 years of experience allowed her to become well known and liked within the refugee camp as a trustworthy shipwright. Kooky left the refugee camp four years after Tallow died, having accidentally stayed on an airship when it started heading to Bardling.

  1. 3. ArrivalMar 30, 2021
  2. 2: PiratesMar 17, 2021
  3. 1: Landing.Feb 26, 2021
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