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/ Series / Umbrum – Chronicles of a Shady Mage
Umbrum – Chronicles of a Shady Mage
Umbrum – Chronicles of a Shady Mage
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“Hahaha.” A laughter.

Umbrum seemed to be like any other… actually, he isn’t, he is the unusual type.
A mage coming from likely nowhere, to join the Esoteric Syndicate, one that did not even have an invitation, who bypassed the formalities by accident, who inconveniently stomped on unspoken rules.
Despite living in troubled times where anyone could enter history, he never did, or perhaps, he was forgotten by the era itself.
Isolated from the world. Why is it so ?

Unfortunately, his true story is one that is untold to people and is deformed as a fiction to scare little children after his death, despite everything, he was not completely forgotten.

AdventureFantasyMysteryPsychologicalSeinenSlice of Life
Alchemy Cold Love Interests Emotionally Weak Protagonist Friendship Lack of Common Sense Late Romance Manipulative Characters Monsters Mysterious Family Background Near-Death Experience Past Plays a Big Role Reluctant Protagonist Secretive Protagonist Subtle Romance Sword And Magic Unreliable Narrator
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      Status: prologue – esoteric syndicate
      Jan 5, 2019

      *sips tea*It's interesting, that's for sure. 

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